Drake Has A New Candle Line – Here’s How One Special Candle Will Smell Like

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Drake Has A New Candle Line – Here’s How One Special Candle Will Smell Like

Drake is making fans really excited with this new announcement – he has a new candle line prepared for them! Check out more details about the issue below.

TSR notes that according to In Style, Drake is about to drop some candles and one of them reportedly smells like himself!


‘Drake has been sharing some candids of himself in his Toronto mansion and has even teased his candle line on Instagram through his Ig story where he reposts the candles he gifts to his inner circle. Turns out, those candles are reportedly set to release during the holiday season and already have a buzz,’ TSR noted.

TSR noted that ‘The candle line consists of 5 different candles with different signature scents. All with very interesting names, ‘Sweeter Tings,’ ‘Williamsburg Sleepover,’ ‘Good Thoughts,’ ‘Muskoka’ and finally the Drake scented candle we’ve been waiting for… ‘Carby Musk.’’

TSR also made sure to note the fact that ‘Carby Musk’ is said to be the candle that smells like Drake.

‘Ayeee welcome to the candle business. @simplynakedcandleco 💙. Shameless plug. I’m supporting when his drops, not the fragrance that smells like him tho lol,’ a follower said.

A follower posted this message: ‘He better appear too when you call on them for $80 … 🥴’ and someone else said: ‘Walks into someone’s house…. Me: what’s that smell😍….Homeowner: Drake😂’

One commenter posted this: ‘He’s so FINE.😩 I’m good on the 🕯 though,’ and someone else said: ‘How would we know it smells like him? He’s gonna have to do a world tour letting us smell him. It’s the only way.’

Someone else said: ‘Cuz if he thinks he the male version of Erykah Badu just say that..❤️’

A follower posted this: ‘Ohhhh I’m here for my house smelling like a light skin Canadian 🙌🏾’

In other news, after The Weeknd complained about being snubbed at the Grammys, despite having a very successful year in the music industry, fellow artist, Drake took to his platform to share a message of support!

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