Drake Celebrates Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win With An Old Clip Of The Rapper Getting Punk’d

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Drake Celebrates Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win With An Old Clip Of The Rapper Getting Punk’d

Donald Trump reportedly lost the presidency to Joe Biden earlier this weekend, with Joe, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the Democrats taking the state of Pennsylvania, which is the state the president needed the most.

Since the news of his loss hit the press, Drake joined the ranks of many other celebrities who came out to celebrate Joe and Kamala’s win. Drake took to his Instagram this weekend to send a congratulatory message to both parties.

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Coincidentally, the Toronto artist is indirectly related to Joe Biden, or, in other words, has been linked to him in the past. Back in 2012, Ashton Kutcher Punk’d Drake on his show when he led him to believe that he was on his way to meet Joe Biden, who was the vice-president of the time.

Such a meeting never transpired. However, Drake did end up cuddled up to his security guard’s lap, or at least according to Kutcher who was the host of the TV series of the time. Drake posted the video of the Punk’d episode and said he looked forward to meeting him sometime in the future.

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Drake also shouted out to Kamala Harris as well, posting an old photo of the vice-president-elect. This wouldn’t be the first time Drake, the rapper from Toronto, Canada, was in the headlines this week.

The rapper and Chris Brown just dropped a new single together, and Chris Brown was on the Fat Joe podcast where he discussed the potential of releasing an entirely collaborative effort between himself and Drake. Fat Joe asked him if they had ever thought about it before, and Brown acted relatively coy about it.

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He said they had some songs together, but didn’t reveal if there were any plans to release anything soon. Fans of Drake know the rapper has been very social and encouraging toward other stars in the entertainment business over the last few years.

For instance, he was in the headlines when he wished Kris Jenner a happy birthday. Drake wrote a nice post for her on the 6th of October.