Drake Can’t Wait For His Son Adonis And Nicki Minaj’s Newborn To Have Playdates!

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Drake Can’t Wait For His Son Adonis And Nicki Minaj’s Newborn To Have Playdates!

Nicki Minaj just gave birth to her baby boy and it looks like he already has one best friend for life and it’s none other than Adonis, Drake’s 3 year old son! At least this is what Drake is already dreaming of!

The loving father is extremely happy for the female rapper and can’t wait for their sons to have the best playdates as soon as Nicki’s son is a bit older and when the pandemic goes away as well, of course!

And it looks like the same can be said about Nicki since she also mentioned in her remix for Whole Lotta Choppas that ‘To be honest, I hope one day we do a playdate with Adonis.’

This can only mean that the two have put their history behind them and are ready to be super close friends who meet up to have their sons play together!

In response to Nicki’s verse, Drake just took to his IG Stories to sweetly say that ‘Playdates soon come [heart emoji].’

A source also shared with HollywoodLife that Drake felt ‘blessed’ by Nicki’s words.

‘Drake has always had nothing but respect for Nicki even when they weren’t speaking years ago because of everything that went down with Meek [Mill]. That is history and he knows they have both come so far and there is nothing but love between them. Drake couldn’t be happier for Nicki and knows she is going to make an incredible mother and can’t wait for their kids to have play dates when the time comes,’ the insider dished via HollywoodLife.

Another source also shared that ‘Drake and Nicki go way back, she is like family to him but they have had their issues so getting that shout out from Nicki was very significant, it means the world to him. They started out in this business as kids together and now their kids are going to play together. Drake feels so blessed. And he’s so happy for Nicki too.’