Dr. Dre Reportedly Hasn’t Seen His Oldest Daughter In 17 Years

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Dr. Dre Reportedly Hasn’t Seen His Oldest Daughter In 17 Years

Dr. Dre is having a lot of problems in the headlines, and not just related to his divorce battle either. Page Six says Dre actually has a 37-year-old daughter named LaTanya Young, and she recently spoke with The Daily Mail about how she hasn’t spoken with the iconic producer in 17 years.

LaTanya said to the outlet that she has been struggling to pay her bills, however, all she really wants is a relationship with her father. Due to her unfortunate financial situation, she applied to become a driver for FedEx in the recent past and has also relied on the government.

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LaTanya explained how her father did offer to help her pay for her tuition, but nothing ever came of it. She went on to say that Dre never paid for college and never did anything for her and her sisters. At the end of the day, she just “wants to have closure.”

She says all she really wants is to be able to spend time with her dad. Additionally, LaTanya, who has four kids of her own, claims he has never met his grandchildren. According to the 37-year-old, she always thought it was Nicole who kept them apart, but now she has her doubts.

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It’s been nearly half a year since Nicole first filed for divorce, and Dre has never spoken to her yet. In case you didn’t know, Dre and Lisa Jackson, LaTanya’s mother, had three children together before they finally split up and he moved on to another woman.

Sadly, LaTanya recalled how difficult it was to speak to Dre because they always had to go through his assistants. She says she “hated going through third parties.” There was someone she always had to speak with to finally get through to him, although, she never knew if the message even made it to Dre.

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She says it almost seemed like Dre just gave up on her and never wanted to see her again. As it was noted above, for the longest time, she thought it was Nicole’s doing but as their relationship continues to deteriorate, Dre has done nothing to communicate with her.

LaTanya went on to tell a sad story of the time she and her sister went to his home and were met with hatred by Nicole and disinterest from Dre. They were 16-years-old at the time.