Doom Is Finally Playable On A Pregnancy Test


Doom Is Finally Playable On A Pregnancy Test

1993’s Doom has been ported to just about every device under the sun since its release, from calculators to printers to train ticket authenticators. There’s even a subreddit for funny Doom ports. But there’s been one version of Doom we’ve long cried out for, and it’s finally here–a version of Doom that will run on a slightly modified pregnancy test.

Twitter user Foone, who identifies as a “hardware / software necromancer” in their profile, has been playing around with a modified pregnancy test with a replacement OLED display. At first, he was just using it to run videos, like this one from the opening of Skyrim.

At first, Foone was struggling to get Doom running on the test, but eventually, they made it happen. Using a mini keyboard, Foone was able to control the black-and-white, low-fi version of Doom, running on a 128×32 monochrome display.

We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting (you to enjoy the videos below).

It’s maybe not the most easy-to-play version of Doom, but it’s certainly impressive.

Another exciting Doom port that has been in the works is a version for the Playdate, which makes use of the hand crank. If you want the real best version of Doom, though, the current PC/console version keeps improving.