Donald Trump Refers To COVID-19 As The ‘Plague’ In Leaked Audio Recording

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Donald Trump Refers To COVID-19 As The ‘Plague’ In Leaked Audio Recording

Hot New Hip Hop says the journalist, Bob Woodward, currently has a new book coming out called, Rage, and in that book, he explores the presidency of Donald Trump using some of the conversations Bob had with him during interviews.

The outlet claims some of the interviews with the president were “damning,” including one point in the conversation where Trump described the virus as the “plague” as well as the “killer.”

The journalist uses Trump’s choice of language to suggest that the president knew about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic but downplayed it anyway.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Woodward was on Stephen Colbert‘s Late Show last night where he and the television show host discussed his new book as well as the president’s alleged thoughts on the pandemic as it first began spreading at the start of the year.

Woodward says that at one point in the interview, Trump was putting Anthony Fauci on blast regarding the United States government’s handling of the pandemic. Trump reportedly asserted that more lives could’ve been saved had social distancing regulations been implemented sooner rather than later.

Trump says to the journalist that it was “so easily transmissible,” that a person couldn’t even believe it. The president suggested that an “innocent sneeze” caused everyone in the room to clear out, including himself.

With the election coming up in November, there are even more books and interviews coming out regarding the president, including a new memoir from Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney. Furthermore, Cohen’s daughter, Samantha, revealed a sexual comment the president had for her when she was just 15-years-old.

Samantha said in an interview that the president had very “little integrity” and he was the person leading the country. During her chat with Vanity Fair, Samantha said Trump had tried hitting on her when she was just 15-years-old. She claimed it was hardly something she hadn’t heard before.

Cohen also claimed it was problematic to have Trump as the president because it “sets the tone” for the rest of the culture.