Dirt 5 From Codemasters Is Being Pushed Back To November


Dirt 5 From Codemasters Is Being Pushed Back To November

In terms of rally racers, one of the more anticipated games has been Dirt 5 from Codemasters. The career mode has looked particularly promising, especially considering the fact that iconic voice actors Troy Barker and Nolan North are playing pivotal roles in the story. The rally mechanics seem like a step above what was featured in the previous installment as well.

Unfortunately, those looking to get their hands on this game will have to wait just a little bit longer. Now instead of releasing in October, it will be available to the public on November 6. That’s a couple of more weeks than originally planned.

It’s not ideal news, but the delay is worth it according to the developer. Next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are targeted for holiday of 2020 and Codemasters wants Dirt 5 to be ready for these next-gen capabilities.

That makes a lot of sense because there will undoubtedly be fans looking to see how the series plays on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. And what’s a couple of more weeks? Typically with delays, they add a couple of more months to the timeline.

Codemasters can take the extra time to polish up Dirt 5 and make it something truly special in the racing genre. It already has a lot of shining aspects, such as the dynamic weather system.

The elements will affect how you maneuver across various terrains, including mud, dirt, and gravel. You’ll have to fine tune your car just right and master intense maneuvers like drifting and breaking.

There are also a bunch of iconic locations that you’ll get to take in throughout every race. These include China, Brazil, New York City, and Morocco. The stages are well detailed and have plenty of variety, which should keep you excited as you progress through the gripping story.

When you want to put your dirt racing skills to the test, you can enjoy split-screen c0-op and online. Dirt 5 even has a livery editor that lets players create the own events. All things considered, Dirt 5 is looking like one of the best installments in the series.

It’s amazing how long it has able to thrive and continue to innovative the racing genre. There will be some taken back by the slight delay, but at least Codemasters is trying to perfect it for next-gen consoles.

That could give rise to even better experiences, featuring game-changing visuals and performance. That’s the hope anyway for fans waiting anxiously to experience the next installment in a beloved racing franchise.