Dionne Warwick Reacts To ‘SNL’ Skit About Her And Shows It Love On Twitter!

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Dionne Warwick Reacts To ‘SNL’ Skit About Her And Shows It Love On Twitter!

The musical legend was impersonated as part of a super funny sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend and it turns out that she loved it! That’s right, Dionne Warwick appreciated the jokes instead of feeling offended that they were poking fun at her!

The main topic of the skit was actually, the 80 year old’s iconic Twitter presence so it was nothing too bad.

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In fact, it was all light and fun and the musical diva appreciated being the subject of the skit, as she made it very clear on, you guessed it – her Twitter!

According to the star, she liked it so much that she considered it a birthday present since she turned 80 years old yesterday – only a day before the comedy show decided to honor her in their own style.

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If you tuned in for the latest episode of SNL, you must have realized that Warwick was portrayed by castmember Ego Nwodim, who did an amazing job!

Warwick shared her appreciation and her love on her platform, writing alongside a clip of the sketch that: ‘This was a hilarious birthday gift. Thank you, @nbcsnl. That young lady’s impression of me was really good.’

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And that was not all! Later on, Warwick returned with some more praise for both Nwodim and cast member Punkie Johnson – the latter portraying Warwick’s niece and social media guide, Brittani Warrick!

‘You [Ego Nwodim] did a wonderful job, baby. You are a star. I just logged in to tell @eggy_boom @SNL and the other young lady that they did a wonderful job. I hope you all have a great Sunday. I will come back if I get bored,’ she tweeted.

This comes after Warwick also opened up about her newfound love for Twitter during an interview with ET.

She shared in part that ‘I find it quite amusing. After COVID-19 shut down the entire entertainment industry, I have been home utilizing this as sort of a vacation. But after a while, that becomes old, and I noticed how much fun my nieces and my nephews were having with tweeting. I just said, ‘Well, how can I do it? I want to do it.” And the rest is history!