Deyjah Harris Is Her Fans’ Therapist – See How She’s Helping People

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Deyjah Harris Is Her Fans’ Therapist – See How She’s Helping People

T.I.’s daughter is amazing, and she is always trying to help people out. She posts all kinds of motivational messages on her social media account that uplift fans.

More people already said that she is acting as their personal therapist, and she is really helpful.

Check out her latest post in which she wants to help people help themselves.

Deyjah told her fans and followers: ‘write the words you need to hear down below. be honest.’

Someone wrote this message: ‘i’m proud of you. You’re enough,’ and another follower said this: ‘I love you, and you’re not alone. Stop telling yourself otherwise.’

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write the words you need to hear down below. be honest.

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Another follower said: ‘You got this, you can make your dreams come true,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Don’t let that one set back stop you from being who you know you can be.📌’

One follower said: ‘You are beautiful. You are strong. Everything will be okay,’ and someone else posted: ‘It’s okay to leave people behind, it’s okay to go find yourself.’

Someone else said this: ‘Trust God’s direction and timing. Everything is happening just as it should. Have no fear. God loves you. God understands you. God is with you every step of the way.’

Another follower said: ‘No matter how much pain has been caused in your past, you are enough, you are beautiful, your body is beautiful.’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘You Are Strong Enough To Push Pass This. It’s Just A Phase 🙏🏾 Do What You Have To Do To Succeed.’

More people continued to post all kinds of uplifting messages that they would like to hear.

T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, has some important messages for her fans about guilt. Check out her recent post that managed to impress her followers.

What are the words that YOU would like to hear from someone right now?