Devolver Digital Awards Game Of The Year To Game It Just Announced


Devolver Digital Awards Game Of The Year To Game It Just Announced

In typical sarcastic and quirky fashion, indie publisher Devolver Digital has given its own Game of the Year award to a game that’s not even out yet and was only recently announced.

Loop Hero–a deck-building, turn-based RPG developed by Russian studio Four Quarters–was unveiled during The Game Awards, where the publisher handed the game the Devolver Digital 2021 Game of the Year Award. Loop Hero is slated to launch on PC early next year. It’s unclear if or when the game will drop on any of the other major platforms.

Deolver Digital shared a reveal trailer showcasing the game’s mechanics and narrative setup. Loop Hero tasks players with defeating The Lich, a powerful wizard who has thrust the world into a never-ending loop. In order to end The Lich and his wizardy, players will assemble of deck of heroes, build out their fortresses, and acquire various gear for the ensuring battle. As with Devolver Digital’s other suite of games, Loop Hero features some roguelike elements. You can check out the official reveal trailer below, as well as some screenshots of the game.

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While this is the first official reveal of Loop Hero, Four Quarters has been toiling away on the game for a few years. A brief look at their Twitter shows the game has been in development for at least four years, with GIFs and various pieces of art dating as far back as December 2016.