Destiny 2’s Dawning Event Begins on December 15


Destiny 2’s Dawning Event Begins on December 15

Winter has come to Destiny 2, as its annual Dawning event will kick off from December 15 and run until January 5. Like previous Dawning adventures, new seasonal weapons and armor will be made available, allowing you to dress your Guardians up in snazzy festive gear before you head out to slay gods.

Eva Levante will also return, having last been seen during Destiny 2’s Halloween event, the Festival of the Lost. Levante has a new recipe for sweets to offer you, the ingredients of which can be obtained from participating in missions, completing bounties, and taking part in Destiny 2’s other activities.

You’ll also earn Dawning Spirit by completing objectives and activities, which will unlock more gear for your Guardian. This Dawning Spirit will also be tied to the Destiny 2 community, and the more Spirit that Guardians generate, the better the rewards that Eva will hand out to everyone.

Rebels without a Claus.Rebels without a Claus.


A new Exotic ship and Ghost shells can also be unlocked, as well three optional engine effects, a transmat effect, and an animated shader that is unique to the ship.

If you’re on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S and you’re looking to try out Destiny 2, now is a good time to hop into Bungie’s massive sandbox. The game just got a huge update that makes it look and feel like a next-gen experience, while the recent release of the Beyond Light expansion has created the perfect winter playground in which to take part in Dawning activities.