Destiny 2 Update Makes Some Important Changes To Perks, Full Patch Notes Detailed


Destiny 2 Update Makes Some Important Changes To Perks, Full Patch Notes Detailed

Bungie has rolled out a new update for Destiny 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One that tweaks how Perks operate and are consumed. The full patch notes for Update 2.9.2 are detailed below.

Perks that give ability energy upon Super activation–think Apotheosis Veil, Radiant Largesse, and the like–will now initiate after Super energy is consumed. This means these perks will no longer be free, instead being consumed so players can no longer exploit the way perks used to provide additional ability energy by canceling a Super during warm-up.

Update 2.9.2 also makes a number of gameplay adjustments, including displaying the correct Power level required to complete the “Become Legend” step of the New Light quest, making Redrix’s Broadsword reclaimable from Collections, fixing issues with Trials vendor engrams, and more.

Elsewhere, the patch addresses some issues with armor and weapons. For example, Transmutation Spheres can’t be picked up by players whose Super abilities are active when the Ruinous Effigy is equipped. And the Solstice of Heroes’ glow intensity has been increased.

Full Destiny 2 Update 2.9.2 Patch NotesActivities


    Fixed an issue that caused players to freeze when spawning into Gambit.

Prophecy Dungeon

    Fixed an issue where enemies could stop spawning in the Hexahedron area, blocking players from progressing.


    Fixed an issue where enemies would stop responding to players if they carried motes from a Contact event into the Savathun’s Song or Festering Core Nightfall.

Gameplay and Investment


    Fixed an issue where players who completed Tommy’s Matchbook catalyst pursuit were re-awarded it.Fixed an issue where the Trials vendor engram advertised rewards at zero Power level.
      Note: This was simply a display error; the actual Power you would receive was not affected.

    Fixed an issue where the Cold Denial ornament ADS view looked very different from the base weapon.Prestige Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars ornaments can be viewed in collections.The “Become Legend” step of the New Light quest incorrectly asked players to reach Power level 950.

      It now correctly asks players to reach Power level 1000.

    Redrix’s Broadsword will now be available to reclaim from Collections.

      Note: This will be locked to the first roll rewarded when completing the Broadsword quest.

    Made improvements to Sleeper Node RNG on Mars.

      When combining Resonate Stems, it is very unlikely that the resulting Override Frequency will unlock a node in your current area. For example, if you need to unlock a node in Heatsink, you should leave Heatsink before creating an Override Frequency.Destiny 2 has an internal checklist of nodes you have unlocked. This checklist is separate from the count you see in-game, and prior to this fix, the checklist would frequently be cleared. Clearing this checklist is the reason duplicates were so common. Going forward, the checklist will never be cleared.Note: If you create an Override Frequency for a node that you have opened in the past, you should open the node again instead of deleting the Override Frequency. This will allow the internal checklist to be updated, and help prevent future duplicates.

    Spider will begin offering three weekly Wanted bounties, up from one.

      Note: These bounties will now award 10k Glimmer, down from 15k.

    Fixed an issue where the Guardian Games quest was still present in some players’ inventories.

      Seriously, if this Quest isn’t fully removed this time, we’re going to need to talk to Zavala about how Titans are rubbing their win in everyone’s faces.
        It’s not very nice of them to do that.
          Please stop reminding me that Hunters lost.

    Fixed an issue where players could block quest progress by acquiring Calcified Light without the quest active.Reduced amount of Shader drops from Umbral Engrams.


      Ruinous Effigy:
        Transmutation Spheres can no longer be picked up by players with active Super abilities.

      Perks that provide ability energy on Super activation (Apotheosis Veil, Radiant Largesse) now activate after Super energy is consumed.

        These perks used to activate during the Super’s warmup, but that allowed players to cancel their Super during warmup to gain ability energy without consuming their Super energy.This change will prevent activating these perks for “free.”

      Fixed an issue affecting the perks on Jade Rabbit and Merciless.

        Perks that activate “on hit” weren’t triggering properly when projectiles over-penetrated their target.


    Solstice of Heroes:
      When in first-person view, most of the Gauntlets are invisible except for the gold trim and hands.Fixed a misaligned solstice glow on the Hunter Solstice leg arrangement.Increased glow intensity.


    Fixed an issue on Steam where certain player persona names could cause Weasel errors.

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