Destiny 2 Promises More Weapons In Future Expansions, Plus Crossplay On The Way


Destiny 2 Promises More Weapons In Future Expansions, Plus Crossplay On The Way

Beyond Light, Destiny 2‘s latest big update, introduced sweeping changes to the three-year-old game, sunsetting large amounts of old content to make room for the new. After backlash from the game’s fanbase, the Destiny 2 team has addressed the complaints specifically in regards to weapons and rewards, and is promising changes going forward.

In a post on the Destiny website, assistant game director Joe Blackburn addressed how rewards had been changed for Destiny 2, and how they could be improved in the future. Infusion caps placed on old weapons were one of the more controversial updates added this year, though Blackburn explains the reasoning for adding them.

“Introducing Infusion Caps is … a way to make sure that the overall number of rewards Guardians need to care about in order to be competitive in Destiny isn’t prohibitive,” Blackburn wrote. “It is also a way to continue evolving each season’s meta, while at the same time making sure players still have a ton of options when choosing what they want to bring into the next challenge. Our goal from the beginning with Infusion Caps is to improve and keep Destiny 2 fresh over time”

Blackburn does admit that the initial rollout had some misses, however–mainly that Beyond Light just didn’t add enough weapons to make up for the ones that were being taken away (or simply aren’t viable for endgame content). With this in mind, Blackburn promises that “future annual releases will contain more new weapons to collect than Beyond Light or Shadowkeep.”

The full post contains a number of updates on how rewards and sunsetting of weapons will work in future, but also contains a mini roadmap on what will be coming to Destiny next year. The biggest update is that crossplay will be added in 2021 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, though the post doesn’t specify when in 2021. Bungie will also be bringing the Vault of Glass raid back from the original Destiny, while Transmog is set to finally arrive with Season 14.

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