Destiny 2 Patch Notes For Update Warlock Melee, Cryptolith Lure Changes


Destiny 2 Patch Notes For Update Warlock Melee, Cryptolith Lure Changes

Bungie has released a new update for Destiny 2 that’s available now on all platforms. Hotfix deals with a variety of nagging issues, but most notably it deals with two things: Warlocks’ Penumbral Blast melee ability and the Season of the Hunt’s Cryptolith Lure item. Read on for the highlights and the full patch notes.

In terms of Penumbral Blast, there are two key changes: Its projectile range has increased by 37%, and its minimum distance to cast the ranged melee ability has been reduced by 32%. With these changes, Bungie says you can throw the ranged melee while you’re closer to your target. After Beyond Light’s release, there were complaints about the effectiveness of Warlocks’ new Stasis melee ability, but a nerf went too far in the other direction for some people’s tastes, so this change seeks to get things back into a better place.

As for the Cryptolith Lure, this is the item that you need to charge (by doing things like completing Crucible matches) in order to initiate a Wrathborn Hunt, the central seasonal activity offered by Crow. It can now be charged twice as fast as before, and you can store more charges–five, rather than the previous cap of three. That means you won’t have to stop what you’re doing in order to use up a charge, if you want to make sure you’re not throwing away progress that you could be making toward building up another charge.

Additionally, a bug that caused it to look like you reacquire the Lure each time you log in should be fixed. And one of the descriptions for one of the “exclusions,” which prevents certain perks from being included with your Wrathborn Hunt rewards, has been fixed–Corsair’s Wrath now correctly states Unrelenting, rather than One for All.

Other issues addressed in this update include an exploit that allowed you to reset raid rewards by deleting a character, problems with receiving materials from vaulted destinations from material exchanges at the Gunsmith, and a progress-blocking issue in the Forsaken campaign. Read on for the full patch notes.


    Adjusted the Cryptolith Lure to allow players to charge it twice as fast.Increased Cryptolith Lure charge cap from 3 to 5.Fixed an issue that was causing players to reacquire the Cryptolith Lure every time they launched the game.Fixed an issue with the Lure exclusion description.
      The One for All perk is incorrectly listed as a possible roll for Corsair’s Wrath and has been corrected to the Unrelenting perk.


    Fixed an issue that was causing some players to be blocked from progressing the Forsaken campaign.Fixed a location where players could get out of environment.Resolved an issue that was preventing some players from progressing past the first mission of “A Guardian Rises” in the New Light introduction quest.Fixed an issue where “Stasis Weekly Challenge” was translated incorrectly in some languages.Fixed an issue with the Lost Lament quest not progressing from Minotaurs, Hydras, and Cyclops.


    Fixed an issue where deleting a character could reset some raid rewards.


    Adjusted destination materials exchanges with the Gunsmith to reduce the chances of materials from Vaulted destinations being required.


    Fixed an issue where the Freeze Tag emote was reducing incoming damage.


    Penumbral Blast:
      Projectile range increased by 37%.Minimum distance to cast ranged melee reduced by 32%.This allows you to throw the ranged melee closer to targets.

    Fixed an issue with the Glacial Quake Super where the melee attack would sometimes fail to activate.Resolved an issue where players could appear to become stuck in Shiver Strike action and animation for other players.


    Fixed the issue with The Lament’s Heavy air attack working when the weapon lacked ammo.


    Fixed an issue where PSN friends list wasn’t populating as expected.Fixed an issue with screen tearing on some consoles.

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