Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s New Hunter Sub-Class Turns You Into A Space Ninja


Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s New Hunter Sub-Class Turns You Into A Space Ninja

After launching a series of blog posts last week on the Warlock Shadebinder and Titan Behemoth Stasis sub-classes that’ll be introduced in Destiny 2‘s Beyond Light expansion on November 10, Bungie has provided a breakdown on the Hunter Revenant. Bungie says that this new sub-class allows the Hunter to take control of battles by slowing the environment around them, tying into the Warlock and Titan classes which are focused on freezing and shattering enemies respectively.

Described as a ninja, Hunter Revenants gain the Withering Blade melee attack and can use this ability to throw a Stasis shuriken. The projectile can ricochet off of surfaces and will slow down any enemy caught by it. If a target is hit with two of these shurikens, they’ll be instantly frozen.

The Hunter Revenant’s Super is called Silence and Squall and summons two Kama Blades when activated. When the Silence blade is thrown, it’ll explode on impact and freeze enemies caught in the blast radius. The Squall blade can also be thrown, and when it lodges itself into a target or a surface it’ll detonate and create a Stasis storm that tracks down enemies and deals a massive amount of damage.

Like Titans and Warlocks, Hunters can also customize their Revenant sub-class further with a unique Aspect and class-agonistic Fragments.

The Shatterdive Aspect adds a mid-air dodge to the Hunter skill set, and when activated it’ll create a damaging impact on landing that can shatter enemies. Hunters can also use their dodge ability to evade nearby enemies and slow them down when this Aspect is equipped. The Whisper of Hedrons Fragment that can be equipped will grant bonus weapon damage after a target has been frozen with Stasis.

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Bungie wrapped up the post with a preview of the three new grenades, which all Guardian Stasis sub-classes can use. Glacier grenades explode once they make contact with the ground and will form a wall of Stasis crystals that can freeze nearby enemies. Once these crystals have been destroyed, they’ll also create an area of effect blast radius.

Coldsnap grenades unleash a wave of Stasis energy that will track down the nearest enemy and freeze them. Up to three enemies can be frozen with this specific explosive. The Duskfield grenade creates a powerful Stasis field that sucks enemies into it when forming. Multiple fields can be formed, and once caught by it, enemies will be slowed down and eventually frozen if they cannot escape.

Bungie rolled out a new update for Destiny 2 this week that changes how Perks operate, fixing an exploit that players were taking advantage of, and introducing a number of other tweaks to the game across all platforms. If you’d also like to take a look at the upcoming skins that Guardians can earn in the annual Festival of the Lost event, you can take a peek at the spooky new outfits right here.

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