Destiny 2: Beyond Light Has A Loot Problem, And Bungie Is Aware Of Fan Criticism


Destiny 2: Beyond Light Has A Loot Problem, And Bungie Is Aware Of Fan Criticism

Destiny 2‘s new expansion, Beyond Light, recently well live alongside Update 3.0, and while many Destiny fans have been enjoying the new content, there’s been some criticism over how the expansion handles loot. It seems that the pool of new loot in Destiny 2 is pretty low, with players receiving many duplicates of weapons that were already in the game prior to the expansion.

As The Gamer notes, the controversy over loot has spilled over onto Reddit, where a post about the problems players are facing has attracted a response from Bungie community manager “dmg04”. With much content from previous iterations of Destiny 2 now locked away in the “Content Vault,” players have been angry that more new armor and weapons have not been added.

“First and foremost, I want to say that these issues aren’t being swept under the rug,” dmg04 says. “We’re passing up the feedback, and the team has been reading through your thoughts on a variety of topics.”

Addressing loot issues, they say that “most of the new content” in the expansion is focused on Beyond Light and the Season of the Hunt season pass, but that some new items have been added to ritual activities, too. “Europa has a full armor set and slew of weapons to earn with new perks not available through other means,” they add. “The raid will have an armor set, various weapons, and mods to earn. Many of you are on the quest for exotics, with more coming in to the fold as you discover them.”dmg04 says that they’re looking at how to make it “exciting” to earn new weapons, and plans are underway to add more loot in “future seasons.” Gaining more “light” and getting access to stronger items is one of the most rewarding parts of Destiny 2, but when the Beyond Light expansion released, some players found a way to hit the current soft cap in an hour.

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