Denzel Washington – Allarming Smoke At His Home Attracts Fire Crews – Here’s What Happened!

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Denzel Washington – Allarming Smoke At His Home Attracts Fire Crews – Here’s What Happened!

Alarming clouds of smoke rising up from the actor’s home in Los Angeles alarmed the authorities and multiple fire crews showed up at the property! According to those who showed up, smoke could clearly be seen at Denzel Washington’s home last night.

Apparently, the smoke was rising up from the second floor of the multi level house situated in Beverly Crest.

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But even though the smoke was so visible, the same could not be said about a fire.

No flames were immediately detected but that did not stop the fire crews from using their trusty thermal imagining cameras to check for possible fire in the walls.

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At this point in time, however, no other details regarding the incident have been released to the public.

Either way, it appears that the actor is safe and no one else was hurt either but the sight of the smoke was definitely pretty scary.

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In fact, one rep for the celebrated Hollywood star made sure to share a statement in which they confirmed that ‘everyone is ok and safe.’

However, it is still not known whether or not Denzel Washington was at home at the time since it sounds like someone else reported seeing the smoke to the Los Angeles fire crews.

The worrying news comes only a few days after Rachael Ray updated fans on the status of her own house’s rebuilding.

You might be aware that Rachael’s property in Lake Luzerne, New York, was previously completely devastated by a fire during this past summer and she has been working on raising it up from the ashes again.

During her latest The Rachael Ray Show episode, she shared that ‘It looks like there is a footprint of a house again which is great. But there will not be a house finished there until probably next May.’