Demon’s Souls Remake Has A New Camera, But You Can Use The Old One


Demon’s Souls Remake Has A New Camera, But You Can Use The Old One

Demon’s Souls came out 11 years ago, so it’s natural that some changes would come to the game. One notable adjustment is the new over-the-shoulder camera that replaces the original behind-the-back camera. Players can use this camera or default back to the original one.

Over-the-shoulder cameras are the standard for third-person action games, but the Souls series has always been different. The camera was centered behind the player in order to increase tension in those games. Demon’s Souls original camera did have its fair share of problems, though.

“The camera in the original Demon’s Souls, it got stuck on the collision or went through the wall or all sorts of those things,” said SIE Worldwide Studios External Development creative director Gavin Moore. “And then in a modern game, people don’t expect that. So we changed the camera. One of the things that we did do, which is really cool though, is that we allowed you to switch to the old camera if you want to.”

Players were quick to point out that the camera looked strange in the remake’s reveal trailer, saying that it looked odd when the in-game character turned corners.

One of the main draws of Demon’s Souls and other games in the franchise is the atmosphere the game provides. The camera, which let players see what was ahead of them better than a traditional third-person camera, is a big part of that. It’s good that players will be able to try both to see what works best for them.

“And that is a feature that we always do with our remakes,” Moore said. “If you don’t like what we’ve done, we’ve left the old system in there. So if you want to switch to that, then please switch to that.”

Demon’s Souls upcoming remake will make the cult hit easier to find and play. If you’re eager to jump in, die, and head back to The Nexus then check out our Demon’s Souls remake interview with Sony that answers some major questions that the Souls community has been asking

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