Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her New Life — Is The Past Behind Her?

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Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her New Life — Is The Past Behind Her?

Nearly two years after the near-fatal overdose incident, Demi Lovato opens up in a rare interview to talk about her struggles, eating disorders, inability to cry, and her new boyfriend.

In a new cover story for Bustle, the 27-year-old singer admitted once again that she had suffered eating disorders in the past. It turned out that her previous image-makers used to monitor her weight before each photo shoot.

They were watching her the night before to make sure she did not binge or eat and be swollen the day after. Lovato highlighted that her eating disorder was one of the reasons for the nervous breakdown in 2018 and the overdose incident that nearly killed her.

She is now working with Scooter Braun, and ”it is a totally different world” in her words. She could afford to eat Subway for breakfast now, and she no longer prepares for photo sessions.

Lovato added that during the past six years, while working with her previous PR team, she was given only a watermelon shaped into a cake and decorated with fat-free whipped cream for her birthdays.

Therefore, when she celebrated her first birthday with her new team, she was more than surprised to be given a real cake. She highlighted the importance of having a loving and supporting team. Lovato also emphasized that her past experiences taught her to be grateful and appreciate it every day on Earth.

Speaking about the pandemic and her life in isolation, the ”Stone Cold” singer admitted that she learned how to cry now. She used this time to allow her to feel the pain of everything that had happened to her previously. As a result, she knows how to be more vulnerable now, and her ability to more intimate with people has returned.

Demi Lovato revealed that before the pandemic, it was almost impossible for her to cry. Since a very early age, she was somehow ”programmed” to keep her emotions and to cry if she was paid to.

In her opinion, the health crisis gave us a chance to work on ourselves, to reflect on past experiences, and learn from them. ”It is a beautiful thing,” the singer noted.

Asked about her new boyfriend, a fellow singer and an actor, Max Ehrich, Demi Lovato said she feels ”very connected” with him, and he proved he could be trusted.

What do you think? Has Demi Lovato overcome her past issues?