Deathloop Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Showing Its Looping Concepts


Deathloop Has New Gameplay Footage Out Now Showing Its Looping Concepts

What if you were stuck in a time loop having to repeat events over and over? Now imagine you’re a contract killer that has to take out a particular set of targets before time expires, otherwise you’re stuck in this loop forever. That’s the unique premise of Deathloop, an upcoming action-adventure game from Arkane Studios.

When this shooter was first teased, it had intrigue written all over it. There hasn’t been a game to emulate the themes of Groundhog Day or Happy Death Day so right away, Deathloop sets itself apart from its peers. But can it live up to the high expectations that fans have for it?

So far, things are looking good based on gameplay trailers. A new one just surfaced today (September 16). It’s around three minutes long and shows a little bit more of the tactics players will need to use as Colt, an assassin that has found himself in a sticky time situation.

The trailer doesn’t pull any punches. It gets right into the killing action. Colt moves from one enemy to the next with expert timing and position. It looks like he’s experienced these sequences before as depicted by the flawless kills one after the other.

The title of the trailer is ‘Two Birds One Stone’, which refers to taking out both Aleksis and Egor. In order to do that, you’ll have to figure out their positions and tactics. It probably will take you repeated attempts to get the perfect strategy together.

An interesting caveat to Deathloop is figuring out how to take out all eight targets in time before the loop starts over. After all, there is only so much time in a day. You’ll have to alter events in some way, which requires a lot of memorizing and understanding all of the pieces at play.

It might sound like a difficult concept at first, but the more you play, the bigger picture you’ll start to see. That’s what makes Deathloop so intriguing as a shooter. It’s not just about killing targets. You have to strategize and learn from past mistakes.

This recent gameplay footage is painting an epic scene for Deathloop, which has pretty competent shooting mechanics and some sort of compelling energy blaster. If you weren’t stoked for Deathloop’s potential, you probably are now. To get a detailed grasp of how this game will play, check out the trailer above. It should hold you over until the next trailer releases for a game targeted for the second quarter of 2021.