David Adefeso Claims Vincent Herbert Was Going To Send ‘Goons’ After Him And Says Tamar Braxton Is Threatening To Do It

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David Adefeso Claims Vincent Herbert Was Going To Send ‘Goons’ After Him And Says Tamar Braxton Is Threatening To Do It

Although it wasn’t all clear the day the original report was released, TMZ has now obtained a new report about what led David Adefeso to file a restraining order against Tamar Braxton. It definitely doesn’t look good for Tamar.

He was granted an order that requires Braxton to stay at least 100 yards away from him and his job. This comes after the estranged couple got into a fight while David was driving.

He claims she struck him in the jugular causing him to nearly lose consciousness. The report went on to say that when he pulled over, the singer went on a rampage and smashed the camera and rear-view mirror to his Rolls Royce.

After the incident, they ended the relationship but he claims since then he has been threatened multiple times by the reality star.

Adefeso reveals Tamar told him that her ex-husband wanted to send goons after him six months ago to kill him but she stopped him. However, Braxton allegedly threatened to let the goons loose.

This comes after he recently live-streamed and revealed that he called his mother during the violent altercation.

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‘I called my mom — a 50-year-old guy having to call his mom when he’s driving. Tamar was in the car. My mom started praying, only to find out that after the blow, I was being secretly recorded, something that is illegal and unfair. And the tapes being sent to my family, the tapes of me in distress, in pain, calling my mom, were being sent to my family and other people.’

Tamar’s camp put out a statement that David was actually the aggressor in this fight and that she had the bruises to prove it They also claimed that he made threats of a murder-suicide.

This all comes after the mother of one’s suicide attempt where David found her unresponsive. Hopefully, Tamar is getting the help she needs and is able to overcome this obstacle.