Dave Chappelle Tells Critics To ‘Shut Up’ ‘Forever’ Amid Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

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Dave Chappelle Tells Critics To ‘Shut Up’ ‘Forever’ Amid Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

Many describe Dave Chappelle as one of the greatest standups of all time, but a few of his most recent specials have been the subject of criticism, at least from media outlets.

Critics claimed his specials were offensive and ignorant, whereas fans of his were just glad to see Chappelle back to form again. Even though he took shots at the LGBTQ community and a few other marginalized groups, Chappelle took home an Emmy Award for his latest stand-up program, Sticks and Stones.

When Dave took the stage to accept his award, he used the opportunity to put some of his haters on blast. Chappelle wasn’t shy about it either. The comic started off his speech with the remark, “Boy, (this) comes as a complete surprise.”

Dave went on to say that he read a lot of the reviews, and people described it as embarrassing, claiming he had lost his way, as if his latest special wasn’t worth watching. After urging his critics to learn something from his recent win, he said, “shut the f*ck up forever.”

The audience began cheering him on, and he then went on to shout out to some of the other comedians in the audience who were nominated for an Emmy Award.

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As it was previously reported, Dave Chappelle‘s latest specials touched on some of the most controversial subjects of the day, including LGBTQ, Jussie Smollett, Kanye West, and more.

Chappelle mocked Jussie Smollett in his skit, claiming that he and the black community were accused of not standing up and supporting Jussie as he was being pressed by the media and the Chicago police.

Dave joked that the black community was supporting him, but supporting him with their silence. Chappelle says he and many other black people knew right away that his story was a complete hoax because of a few details in his story, including the way that “white people talk.”

Chappelle also touched on what he described as the “alphabet people,” claiming that they were the one group no one could insult without extreme repercussions.