Daphne Oz Reveals The One Thing She Misses The Most About New York City

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Daphne Oz Reveals The One Thing She Misses The Most About New York City

For the last little while, Daphne Oz has been living with her husband and four children in the great state of Florida, but she says there are some things she definitely misses about her former place of residence, New York City. Page Six picked up on the star’s comments this week in which she revealed what she missed the most about the notorious city.

Daphne said to reporters that the things she missed the most about the Big Apple were the “bagels and “cheap pizza.” The star claimed Florida had good food, but they don’t have pizza and bagels like the way New Yorkers do.

Oz went on to say that she missed her family and the way they used to live their lives before the pandemic took hold of the nation. Oz, 34, the daughter of Dr. Oz, just revealed her skincare company, Loum.

This isn’t the first time that New York City has been in the headlines this year. The New York Post published an op-ed this year in which the writer claimed New York City had died and wasn’t coming back.

Back in August, James Altucher wrote an essay about how the city had fallen apart amid the coronavirus quarantine which saw the entire area shut down to thwart the spread of COVID-19.

New Yorkers are normally hustling and bustling through the city, but with most businesses shut down and entertainment completely shuttered, there are hardly any tourists or even people walking in the streets. The essay sparked a lot of controversy among entertainment industry stars including the likes of Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry found himself targeted by people on social media when he supposedly mocked Florida amid his defense of the Big Apple. Stephanie Hayes, a writer for the Tampa Bay Times, wrote that it was “tired” and “predictable” whenever someone used Florida as the butt of their joke.

Hayes went on to write in her essay that Florida was “being pranked” on a regular basis by God.