Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Why He Has No Social Media Accounts

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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Why He Has No Social Media Accounts

Mashable picked up on an interview from Hot Ones this week in which the host sat down with the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe. The outlet says Daniel finished off the 13th season of the chicken wing-eating program with a conversation about his social media habits and his ability to actually eat the wings as an Englishman.

During their chat, Sean asked him a number of questions about his career, including his endeavor into the indie film world, Broadway plays, and obviously, Harry Potter, the series that made him the star he is today.

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Perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation is when Daniel revealed why he doesn’t like to use social media at all and hasn’t done so in years. Daniel admitted he was thinking about getting a Twitter account, even though he was more than aware that most people were just eagerly waiting for him to argue with people on the platform.

According to the Harry Potter alum, his decision to get off social sharing platforms was inspired by his experiences as a much younger actor. He says that when he first became famous, he would go on social media only to find the worst things being said about him.

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He says he wound up deciding that it would be best to simply never use it again. As for his dish on Hot Ones, Evans congratulated Radcliffe for being the most tolerant and the most resilient when it comes to eating spicy foods.

Radcliffe joked that he was saying that “for an English person,” he could take a lot of spice. Daniel said it was a “backhanded compliment,” but he would take it either way. Fans of the actor know he became a massive star with the Harry Potter series, however, the public spotlight hasn’t always been kind to him.

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For example, it wasn’t that long ago when fans began asking whether Radcliffe was doing ok because a picture of him looking pale had circulated online. The actor said he wasn’t sick, it was just the way he looked.