DaBaby And Jake Paul Troll Nate Robinson After Jake Beats Him In A Boxing Match

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DaBaby And Jake Paul Troll Nate Robinson After Jake Beats Him In A Boxing Match

Jake Paul has been all over the headlines over the last few days but for a new reason, and one that doesn’t make him look so bad this time. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post today in which Jake Paul and DaBaby were making fun of Nate Robinson.

In case you missed it, Jake Paul and Nate Robinson participated in a boxing match in which Jake knocked out the former NBA player in the second round. It has been widely regarded as one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to Nate.

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According to the outlet, the match between Paul and Robinson was easily in the former’s favor, because he has been taking boxing very seriously over the last few years.

As it was just noted, Paul knocked out Nate in the second round, however, it was Robinson’s lifeless body that really sparked a lot of traction on social media. In other words, Nate laid on the ground for what seemed like a long time.

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As a result, people on social media have been trolling Nate by participating in what has been dubbed the “Nate Robinson Challenge.” The challenge means that you just lay on the floor, face first, as if you just got knocked out.

In what seems to be an unlikely relationship, Jake Paul and DaBaby have been hanging out and they posted a meme on social media this week showing off a large group of their friends, all laying on the floor, doing the challenge, as a way of mocking Mr. Robinson.

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You can see this clip below:

Even though it might seem like Jake Paul is taking it too far, most have pointed out on social media that the NBA player and Jake were doing a fair amount of trash-talking before the fight actually went down.

This isn’t unique to Jake, either. Logan Paul was in the headlines earlier this past month for the same reason, except related to Floyd Mayweather Junior. As it was previously reported, Logan called out Floyd and said he would take him down in a fight anywhere, anytime, but noted that Mayweather would probably win in a boxing match.