Cynthia Nixon – Who Has A Transgender Son – Is Baffled By JK Rowling’s Opinions On The Transgender Community

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Cynthia Nixon – Who Has A Transgender Son – Is Baffled By JK Rowling’s Opinions On The Transgender Community

Cynthia Nixon is perplexed by the reoccurring comments from JK Rowling regarding women and transgender issues. Nixon recently touched on JK Rowling following the arguments made by the Harry Potter author regarding the reality of the differences between the biological sexes.

The 54-year-old Sex and the City alum noted recently that her 23-year-old son, whom she shares with Samuel Mozes, is transgender. During a recent conversation with The Independent, Nixon explained that Rowling’s comments were especially painful for her son because much of his childhood was wrapped up with Harry Potter.

Nixon described her and her family as a “Harry Potter” family, and she feels like the series is all about standing up for people who are different. The Sex and the City alum insinuated Rowling is guilty of hypocrisy because her own comments reflect ignorance of marginalized groups.

Nixon went on to say to the Independent reporters that she believes Rowling thinks she’s standing up for feminism, but she doesn’t “get it.” In a long essay recently, the 55-year-old writer stood up for herself in retaliation against critics referring to her as a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

Rowling commented on the danger of women transitioning into men and then reverting back to their old roles after realizing what they had done was a mistake. She says the tragedy lies in the fact many of the women have “altered their bodies irrevocably,” often destroying their fertility permanently.

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Rowling also claimed that being trans was a choice. She said had she been born at a later time, she might’ve considered transitioning as well. Rowling wrote in her essay that many women struggle with eating disorders, dissociation, anxiety, and self-harm.

The writer insinuated that she felt the same afflictions when she was much younger, and if she would’ve been born in a different era, the “allure of escaping womanhood” would’ve been incredibly attractive to her as well.

Rowling went on to claim that she struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder as a child, and if she would’ve found support in a trans community, she might’ve transitioned and given her child the father he wanted.