Cynthia Bailey’s Paradisiac Video Has Fans Dreaming – Check Out Her Recent Post

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Cynthia Bailey’s Paradisiac Video Has Fans Dreaming – Check Out Her Recent Post

Cynthia Bailey shared a video on her social media account that has fans daydreaming. Check out the clip that she recently posted on her social media account below.

A sad commenter said: ‘I’d like to have my breakfast anywhere but this damn house I been in since March,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘they had better cover my food with something if they’re gonna just leave it out like that. I’m not fond of eating the leftovers of insects.’

A commenter posted this: ‘This is definitely Bali!! That’s how it was when I went last year! You must go at some point! It’s totally worth it. I loved it!’

Someone else said: ‘Beautiful, but I can hear the mosquitos and some giant flies and roaches 😖’, and a follower said: ‘The one thing my parents swore by as a kid was never eat and go swimming.’

A commenter said: ‘Yes I need to be there right now swimming eating sleeping just enjoying life period Amen 🙏💜’

A commenter said: ‘Maybe when conniving Kenya gets her pool set up y’all can go over there and do this since we can’t go anywhere outside of America anymore. 😂🤣’

Someone else said: ‘This place is so beautiful just like you, Cynthia. Love you! 💐💐’ and someone else posted: ‘No, but I love having drinks while lounging poolside, and I do Water Aerobics in a pool. They are nice for cooling off, but I get cramps eating while swimming.’

In otheer recent news, Cynthia Bailey shared a throwback photo from when she used to have short hair and her fans are completely impressed by that look.

Check out the pic that she recently dropped on her social media account.

‘Your daughter looks exactly like you, beautiful,’ she captioned her post.

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