Cyberpunk Point and Click Adventure Encodya Is Set To Release On January 26th, 2021


Cyberpunk Point and Click Adventure Encodya Is Set To Release On January 26th, 2021

After releasing a successful free demo, Encodya is planning its full release in January of next year. Meet Tina, a nine-year-old orphan who lives with SAM-53. This big robot is her clumsy guardian and they live together in a makeshift shelter somewhere in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by several corporations.

While the demo has tons of meta-jokes and 4th wall breaks, the core game is designed to be a lot more immersive and in-depth. The game will be a 2.5D experience with smooth animations, sharper graphics, and better-written dialogue. Still, it has a wide audience that are more than happy to accept this title for its several faults.

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Explore an urban jungle as you survive from scavenging the city dumpsters and living on scraps. Still, she is not truly alone as her robot is programmed to protect her against anything that would do her harm.

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The adventure begins when Tina realizes that her father left an important mission to her: Save the world from grayness. With the help of SAM she goes on an epic adventure through several different realities full of robotic creatures, grotesque humans and exciting dialogues. Learn what it means to be alive through this innovative storytelling experience.

This title mixes the creativity and sweetness of a studio Ghibli story with the interactivity of modern game design. Enjoy a point and click adventure in a unique dystopian future that could quickly become a utopian reality.

There are over 24 different non-player characters that works together to bring the story and world of Encodya it vivid reality. Explore over 100 locations, hear tons of dialogue, and enjoy minor randomization that makes every puzzle a unique and engaging experience.

The cinematic cut scenes show the vivid reality that she lives in. The art, sound design, and atmosphere are carefully crafted to give players a fulfilling and full experience of her strange and evolving reality.

Learn to bring life back into living as you explore Encodya and bring color back to a world of grey. This adventure is sweet, charming, and enthralling all at once.

Based on the demo and description, this title is great for players of all ages looking for a break in a dystopian future.

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Encodya is set to release on January 26th of 2021 for PC audiences on Steam. For an early taste feel free to explore the unique demo available for free through the game’s dedicated steam page.