Cyberpunk 2077’s PS5 Performance Has Been Revealed


Cyberpunk 2077’s PS5 Performance Has Been Revealed

With Cyberpunk 2077‘s advance review codes being sent exclusively for PC, fans have thus far had no insight into how the game plays on consoles. Now, Video Games Chronicle has booted up the PS4 version of the game on a PS5 with backwards compatibility, in order to compare its performance to the PC version we currently know much more about.

In comparison to a PC version of the game running max visual settings and medium ray-tracing, Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS5 seems to stack up surprisingly well, despite running a version of the game designed for the PS4. Street scenes on the console version aren’t as populated with either people or vehicles when compared to the same scenes on PC. VGC has also reported that the PS5 version of the game doesn’t appear to have a “Performance Mode” at launch, unlike the Xbox Series X.

Despite loading in the day one patch that CD Projekt Red has pointed to as the solution to many of the game’s most criticized bug and performance issues, VGC still ran into visual bugs in the opening sections of the game, as well as a full crash.

You can see a number of comparison screenshots in VGC’s article showing just how well the console version of the game stacks up. While there hasn’t been enough time for a comprehensive comparison, it looks like console players will enjoy a similar experience to gamers running expensive PC rigs.

GameSpot’s review of Cyberpunk 2077 scored it 7/10, praising its characters and intriguing sidequests, though those were let down by a buggy performance and overall lack of purpose. “So much of [Cyberpunk 2077] is superficial set dressing, and there’s so much happening all around you–ads going off at all times, gunfights breaking out in the streets, texts coming in about cars you’ll never buy–that a lot of the game feels superfluous,” reviewer Kallie Plagge said. “The side quests and the characters they showcase are the shining beacon through the neon-soaked bleakness of Night City, and they give you room to explore the best the core RPG mechanics have to offer.”

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