Cyberpunk 2077’s Microtransactions Won’t Be Aggressive, Developer Reassures Fans


Cyberpunk 2077’s Microtransactions Won’t Be Aggressive, Developer Reassures Fans

Any time a major AAA game comes out, there is the worry of microtransactions being present. They show up a lot today and unfortunately, they take away from what games are supposed to be about.

In some cases, they aren’t too bad. A developer wants to create a system that generates money continually and if it’s done to a slight degree, it’s hard to find fault with these tactics. However, with every good example of microtransactions, there are three more bad instances.

One of the most anticipated games in recent memory is Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red is poised to bring a new level of detail and immersion to the RPG space. However, there have been concerns about this game having microtransactions.

Considering the fanfare that this game already has, the news got many worried. A game showing so much promise early on — from the story to the environment of Night City — could possibly get bogged down by microtransactions.

Luckily, CD Projekt Red weighed in on the matter in a recent investor’s query. More specifically, CEO Adam Kicinski responded to some concerns the gaming community has had lately. He confirmed that a monetization system will be included, but it won’t be that aggressive.

If you’ve waited anxiously to find out how microtransactions would play out, you can take a big sigh of relief. Spending money won’t be something you have to do. Rather, it will be completely up to you what you spend your money on.

Kicinski went on to say that he wants players to want to buy things, not be forced into things that further their experiences. A lot of developers avoid this approach and unsurprisingly, are often met with heavy criticisms.

It’s also worth mentioning that only the multiplayer portion of the game will have optional microtransactions. The single-player experience won’t have any of these mechanics, which is great news because it will put the story, characters, and Night City at the forefront.

We still don’t know much about what multiplayer will entail, but it sounds very promising. It could have a GTA Online vibe where players can join up in parties, go on missions, and earn money to buy a lot of incredible things.

GTA Online has been the gold standard as far as online multiplayer, but Cyberpunk 2077 could take up the mantle and carry it forward for years to come. It’s all so exciting. Only a couple of more months before all will be revealed.