Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have A Massive 43GB Update Around Launch


Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have A Massive 43GB Update Around Launch

CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 may take up more storage space than originally thought, as it’s been revealed that the game has a 43GB update around launch.

According to GamesRadar+, YouTuber DreamcastGuy–one of the many who has a copy of the game in their hands ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s December 10 launch–shared a screenshot on Twitter highlighting the update’s download size. The screenshot shows a 43.5GB update.

CDPR public relations manager Fabian Mario Döhla replied to DreamcastGuy’s tweet, saying it’s an update but not the one that’s planned to drop on the day the game comes out.

“It’s an update but – fun twist – not the update we’ll have for launch,” Mario Döhla said, suggesting that Cyberpunk 2077 will receive a day-one update alongside the 43.5GB patch.

On PC, the game requires at least 70GB of storage space to install, though it’s unclear how much it takes to install on consoles. Back in August 2019, the European PlayStation Store purported that Cyberpunk 2077 needed at least 80GB. CDPR hasn’t commented on the game’s file size.

In the meantime, Cyberpunk 2077 can be preloaded on Xbox consoles–Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S–now, while PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be able to pre-install the game at midnight local time on December 8. PC owners can preload Cyberpunk 2077 on December 7. Cyberpunk 2077 can be preloaded whether users preordered it or opted for the physical disc.

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