Cyberpunk 2077 Relationship Guide: How They Work And Who You Can Romance


Cyberpunk 2077 Relationship Guide: How They Work And Who You Can Romance

Note: This guide contains side mission story spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077. If you’d rather discover everything on your own, including which characters you can eventually get romantically involved with, you might want to stop reading now.

You can do a lot of things in Night City: hunt cyberpsychos, shoot it out with gangs, race through the streets, hack just about anything, and turn your body into a living weapon. You can also spend a lot of time with Night City’s denizens, and several characters throughout the game become more than just acquaintances and clients as you get to know them. While a few will only ever be friends and colleagues, some characters can become more, if you’re willing to invest the time with them.

Here’s a full rundown of how romances work in Cyberpunk 2077, who you can share them with, and what you need to know so V can get busy. We’re still uncovering all the secrets of Night City, so we’ll update this guide as we discover even more information. In the meantime, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 review, read our 13 essential tips for playing Cyberpunk 2077, and learn how to make money fast with our Cyberpunk 2077 moneymaking guide.

Romances Versus HookupsNo Caption Provided

If you just want to get it on in Cyberpunk 2077, you can do so relatively easily. Sex is pretty much everywhere in the town, scattered all across its ubiquitous advertisements, and your adventures will take you to various places where customers can pay for a tryst. If that’s all you’re looking for, you can find sex workers in a few different places on the map and in markets. Check Jig-Jig Street in particular in the Kabuki area. You’ll know sex workers by the icon that marks them, which looks like the print of a lipstick-covered kiss. There are male and female sex workers to hire; paying them gives you a relatively quick first-person cutscene of the deed, complete with several positions, but without getting too pornographic.

There are also story points in which you might find characters who want to spend a little time with you but without a longer commitment. These moments depend on your choices and are easy to miss. For instance, how you work through an early story mission, The Pickup, will determine whether you have a chance to meet up with one of its minor characters later on, but you can miss the opportunity altogether depending on how you decide to handle that mission. These moments are pretty minor, however–the real romances come with much greater investment.

Who You Can Romance

We’ve found three major characters with whom you can create long-term relationships in Cyberpunk 2077. Those relationships include major, long-term story arcs, and if the factors are right, they can end in romances, as well. You’ll need to find those characters, then continue interacting with them, to finally turn them into more than just colleagues and pals.

Again, this information is spoilery–some of these characters are major parts of the main story campaign. It’s also worth noting that you can’t just romance everyone; your character choices and your paramour’s sexuality determine who can be your partner. Even still, the characters you can’t romance can still become close friends.

JudyNo Caption Provided

Your first potential romance is Judy, who you meet very early in the story as you prepare for The Heist in Act 1. Judy is a braindance editor who factors into a lot of the Act 1 and Act 2 main quest, and you’ll spend a lot of time with her as you work on other missions.

Judy will be interested in you if you’re playing a female V, so keep that in mind.

Once you’re through the Disasterpeace story mission, you’ll receive a call from Judy asking you to meet her at her apartment. This will kick off a continued story arc that goes on for quite a while, which will allow you to deepen your relationship with her.

PanamNo Caption Provided

You’ll meet Panam as part of the Ghost Town story quest in Act 2, but she’s another character who’s impossible to miss along the way. Completing the Ghost Town story quest will cause Panam to call you again later to start her personal story arc, and you’ll need to complete it to advance that relationship.

Panam only seems interested in a male V, we should note.

Though you’ll have numerous opportunities to proposition Panam throughout the course of your story missions with her, she responds better if you’re a gentleman and consistently respect her feelings.

RiverNo Caption Provided

The third romance option, River, is one you’ll only meet through a specific side quest. You’ll need to advance through Act 2 until you receive a call from Elizabeth Peralez to start you on the I Fought The Law side job. You’ll meet River on your way through the mission and you’ll need to complete it before he’ll call you up again to continue his story.

River is interested in a female V.

MeredithNo Caption Provided

Meredith, the Militech executive you encounter early in the game during the story mission The Pickup, doesn’t seem to be a full romance option. But if you side with Militech and help her accomplish her goals, she might give you a call for a hookup in a motel. Meredith propositioned us while playing as a female V, so it’s not clear if she’ll respond the same way to a male character.

Complete The Stories

The trick to romancing the major characters of Cyberpunk 2077 is to complete their story arcs and build up a relationship with them over time. This is a long-term investment–each of the characters has several missions for you to work through, with a lot of time in between.

You’ll often get calls and notifications from these characters on your phone, so make sure to pay attention to it. However, there’s no time limit for completing any missions, so don’t feel rushed to complete a story arc until you start to approach the end of the game.

Treat Them Well

A lot of conversation decisions go into your interactions with the romanceable characters, and that makes it tough to tell which decisions are important to potential relationships and which aren’t. In general, you’ll need to pay attention to and learn about the character(s) you want to romance and then treat them accordingly. Some characters don’t like it when you’re forward, for instance; others appreciate it when you have their back and back them up in an argument. Building trust is key to all of them, so in general, treat them as you would treat friends in order to grow your relationship with them.

Answer Their Texts

Nobody likes getting ghosted, and you’ll occasionally get messages from major characters in between your missions with them, or when there isn’t much else going on in their stories. It can be tempting to ignore your phone in Cyberpunk 2077, particularly when it’s blowing up during missions, but make sure you remember to respond to texts from the characters you care about. While some will just be messages you passively receive, you’ll often have a chance to select responses. These interactions seem to be important to eventually creating full romances, as well as to advancing stories to their completion, so don’t sleep on them.