Cyberpunk 2077 PSA: Get Double-Jump Cyberware, Not Charge Jump


Cyberpunk 2077 PSA: Get Double-Jump Cyberware, Not Charge Jump

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge game, and part of what makes the size of Night City compelling is the number of options you’ll have to go through many of its missions. When working your way through the territory of gangs, corps, or other enemies, you can go in guns blazing, pick a stealthier approach, or even often talk your way out of conflicts altogether. Having more options allows you to tune Cyberpunk 2077 to your playstyle.

Apart from the character attributes you choose to invest in, one of the biggest ways you’ll unlock new paths for yourself is through your cyberware. These are the cybernetic augmentations you can install in your body, enhancing your strength, vision, hacking capabilities, and more. But there’s one piece of cyberware you should absolutely get, even if you ignore all the others–it’ll change the way you play Cyberpunk 2077 and open up a whole lot of possibilities, from how you approach missions to how you get around the world.

That piece of cyberware is the Reinforced Tendons upgrade for your legs, and it unlocks an extremely useful ability: double jump.

Why You Want Double Jump

Lots of video games offer you the ability to double jump–to jump once, and then jump again in mid-air. But in Cyberpunk 2077, double jump is a complete game-changer. Having the ability allows you to reach new heights in what is already an extremely vertical city. Most of the missions you play that have any kind of action component will usually have you entering a hostile area full of enemies, leaving up to you how you want to traverse that area. Usually, your options are to go stealthy or to fight your way through, but you’re stuck on the ground, meeting enemies wherever they are.

With double jump, you suddenly can reach rooftops, high ledges, and open windows. You can leap straight over fences in a lot of cases, or circumvent enemy defenses. You can get above patrolling bad guys and scope out their patterns, or just bypass them altogether. Double jump opens up a huge number of alternative paths you can’t otherwise get at in Cyberpunk 2077–in fact, without the upgrade, you might not even know those paths are there. Double jump is especially useful if you plan to be a stealthy mercenary who prefers to sneak past conflicts or take down your prey without being seen. The pathways you can access by jumping over defenses or onto rooftops make sneaking a whole lot easier and, often, much more effective.

You can also double jump your way out of a lot of bad situations. Accidentally wandering into gang territory or passing too close to criminals engaged in illegal activity can trigger combat, but with double jump, you can usually high-tail it out of an area and bounce right over obstacles that would otherwise doom you. You can also hop over roads to avoid traffic or cut across the tops of some buildings, lowering your travel time as you try to navigate Night City. Double jump makes just about everything easier and more efficient, and you’ll save a lot of time once you have it.

No Caption ProvidedHow To Get Double Jump

You can obtain the cyberware to give yourself Mario-like jump capabilities from a number of locations in Night City, but it’s going to cost you. Most Ripperdocs–the physicians who will sell you cyberware–offer the Reinforced Tendons augmentation (you can find it most easily from Vik, the first Ripperdoc you meet during the story). The trouble is the cost: You’ll need some 45,000 Eurodollars (or “eddies”) in order to afford the chrome.

This is a hefty sum, especially early in the game, but definitely worth the investment. Earning the money can be tough, though. The best way is to complete certain side gigs like Cyberpsycho Hunts and the Epistrophy quest line, while also hawking just about everything you can find in the game. Check out our guide to making money in Night City for some useful shortcuts to procuring eddies.

It might take you a bit to open up the ability to double jump, but you’ll be glad you did. The extra verticality will allow you to explore parts of Night City you’d otherwise never get a chance to see.

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