Cyberpunk 2077 Preloading Is Now Live On PC and Xbox


Cyberpunk 2077 Preloading Is Now Live On PC and Xbox

Cyberpunk 2077 is almost upon us, with its release date of December 10 creeping ever closer. Now, depending on what platform you plan to play it on, the game is available for preloading if you’ve already bought it. As the below tweet shows, you can now preload the game on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

As for non-PC platforms, things are a little more complicated. According to an official release map, preloading has been available on Xbox since December 3. However, preloading won’t be enabled until two days prior to the release date on PlayStation, meaning that it’s not available until tomorrow. The game is also available for preload on GOG, the storefront that is also owned by the publisher of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is certainly the biggest game of the holiday season, if not the entire year. In GameSpot’s Cyberpunk 2077 review, critic Kallie Plagge praised the game’s sidequests and characters, while faulting its superficial world and many, many bugs.

“But then it’s hard to get into Cyberpunk 2077’s world in general,” she wrote. “So much of it is superficial set dressing, and there’s so much happening all around you–ads going off at all times, gunfights breaking out in the streets, texts coming in about cars you’ll never buy–that a lot of the game feels superfluous. The side quests and the characters they showcase are the shining beacon through the neon-soaked bleakness of Night City, and they give you room to explore the best the core RPG mechanics have to offer. These are what carried me through an otherwise disappointing experience.”

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