Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Promises Big Bug Fixes In Day One Patch


Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Promises Big Bug Fixes In Day One Patch

With the first wave of Cyberpunk 2077 reviews now out, reviewers’ opinions have varied on the quality of the game’s storytelling and themes, but all have agreed on one key point–the game is buggy as hell. In a conversation on Twitter, a CD Projekt Red developer has promised that the upcoming 43GB day one patch will make all the difference.

While there seems to be a lot to talk about in terms of Cyberpunk 2077’s story and expansive world, it’s the bugs that are dominating the conversation right now. “Cyberpunk 2077 is phenomenally buggy,” GameSpot’s Cyberpunk 2077 review reads. “I played a pre-release build that was updated during the review period, and there’s a day-one patch planned as well, but the scale of technical issues is too large to reasonably expect immediate fixes. I encountered some kind of bug on every mission I went on, from more common, funnier ones like characters randomly T-posing to several complete crashes. I didn’t notice much of an improvement after the update, either.”

Adding to the anxiety of people planning to boot up the game when it releases on December 10 is the fact that review codes were only given for the PC, giving players no idea of how the game will run on either new or older consoles.

Now, CD Projekt Red’s Fabian Mario Döhla has responded to some of the concerned comments on Twitter, reassuring players that the bugs would be less of an issue after patches. In one reply he said that the patched game on console would be “a different game.”

He also explained that a lot of the bugs encountered by reviewers had either already been fixed or would be in the day one patch–and even went further to explain that a lot of the bugs could have been caused by reviewers playing the game at higher settings than their PC could handle.

With the game releasing on December 10, preloading is now live on Xbox and PC–though the issues encountered by reviewers have seen some players giving their pre-orders a second thought. It’s clear that CD Projekt Red will bring the game’s bug issues under control with upcoming patches, but not everyone has faith that the day one patch will be enough.

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