Cute PS5 Game Kena Will Take 2 Seconds To Launch From Dashboard


Cute PS5 Game Kena Will Take 2 Seconds To Launch From Dashboard

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits was one of the most promising games to emerge from the PlayStation 5 reveal event back in June. Now, thanks to a Game Informer cover story, we have new details on the cozy adventure game, including the fact that it takes two seconds to launch from the console’s dashboard.

As one of the few games confirmed for a PS5 launch, the story gives us a few hints of the upcoming console’s features, including the fact that Kena will use Pikmin-like friends called the Rot to solve puzzles and battle enemies. Up to 100 of the Rot will appear on screen at one time on PS5, and less will appear on PS4, though this will have no effect on gameplay. The PS5 version of the game will also utilize the DualSense’s new haptic feedback for attacks, including tension on a bow.

According to the cover story, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits does not have a concrete release date, but will come out “in a few months.” The game will retail for some amount less than $60 and can be finished comfortably in a weekend. It also features multiple difficulty settings, with the hardest aimed at veteran players looking for a stiff challenge. If you want to preorder a PS5, you better get a move on: Sony says only limited amounts will be available for preorder.

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