Curious Expedition 2 Is Releasing Its Full Version Onto Steam In 2021


Curious Expedition 2 Is Releasing Its Full Version Onto Steam In 2021

Curious Expedition 2 is a unique expedition roguelike title that has been released into Steam Early Access for a while. Now, after some successful revisions and feedback, the title is looking towards a full release early in 2021 for fans to see the final version. This has been a long and changing process as players enter a reimagined 1889.

Players play as an intrepid explorer who assembles a crew and then explores a wide world. Enjoy the unique classic Franco-Belgian comics as you explore a unique adventure that changes with every playthrough. Everything changes as you recruit different characters as the experience evolves.

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In Curious Expedition 2, players explore the follow-up adventure to the first 19th-century expedition simulation. Join the unique expedition as you go on a legendary exploration into unprecedented lands. Travel to unexplored regions as you win fame, science, and treasure from around the world.

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This game mixes world exploration with roguelike qualities. Manage resources, find party members, and try to manage their insanity as you find glory across the wide of the world. The original game followed a similar concept, but the sequel plays out smoother and opens players to a wider range of options and possibilities.

Explore a mysterious set of islands that have begun to appear and disappear from the Atlantic. As a member of the great Explorer club, you must travel to the island and bring back the treasure to show off at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.

Travel across the procedurally generated world in a wide set of biomes as you explore a procedurally generated story. Your characters will form relationships, change loyalty, explore mental illness, and react to the evolving environments.

Explore new and revised combat mechanics as you travel across the epic campaign. Complete online challenges, equip a wide variety of items as you explore several expedition types.

Explore mysterious locations, plunder shrines, haggle with mole people and loot ghost pirate ships. Aside from gameplay opportunities, this title is presented in 4k-native graphics, comic books styles, and even more detail. Enjoy a unique adventure in a magical world.

This title is great for players of all ages. Explore, survive, and become famous for discovering the world around you and bringing home the true adventure of exploration.

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Curious Expedition 2 is available on Steam Early Access right now, but will be fully releasing in 2021. The game has a positive status on Steam right now and is popular among its 2D enthusiastic community.