Crash 4 Hidden Gems Location Guide: Where To Find Every Hidden, N.Verted, And Colored Gem


Crash 4 Hidden Gems Location Guide: Where To Find Every Hidden, N.Verted, And Colored Gem

Collectibles have been a key part of the Crash Bandicoot series since day one, and Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time continues the trend with a variety of Flashback Tapes, character skins, and Hidden Gems to collect. Getting all the tapes and skins is pretty straightforward, but collecting every gem takes some doing.

There are three types of Hidden Gems in Crash 4: standard, N. Verted, and colored. We’ll help you find them all with this guide detailing each one we’ve found so far, but check back frequently as we update it with even more! Otherwise, be sure to read our Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time review.

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    Hidden Gems
      Rude AwakeningN. Sanity PeakA Real GrindCrash CompactorHit The RoadTruck StoppedBooty CallsThar He Blows!Hook, Line, And SinkerJetboard JettyGive It A SpinPotion CommotionDraggin’ OnOff-BalanceOff BeatHome Cookin’Run It BayouNo Dillo DallyingSnow Way OutStay FrostyBears RepeatingBuilding BridgesBlast To The Past

    N. Verted Hidden GemsColor Gems

      Red GemGreen GemBlue GemYellow Gem

Hidden GemsNo Caption Provided

Every level in Crash 4 has its own Hidden Gem, so there are a lot to collect. Some are pretty easy to spot, while others are quite difficult to obtain. Here are all the standard gems we’ve found so far!

Rude Awakening

Shortly after grinding on the vine, you’ll have to crawl under a tent. Instead of crawling the whole way, stop under the tent and jump up to collect the Hidden Gem inside.

N. Sanity Peak

This one’s easy to spot–it’s found when you start running from the giant monster. When the chase starts, stick to the left side of the screen to grab it.

A Real Grind

This Hidden Gem is found at the end of the level. Proceed until you have to phase up a series of vertical platforms. There’s a ledge to the top left that’s hard to spot, but you can reach it with a sliding high jump from the highest phase platform. Jump up there, then bounce off the boxes to reach the gem on the ledge above.

Crash Compactor

This one’s tricky. At the end of the grind rail, you’ll see a metal crate with an exclamation point in a little alcove under the checkpoint. Carefully drop down and spin into it, then double jump back up onto the ledge. Continue around the next corner to see the Hidden Gem in a small compartment in the wall–this was previously covered by a door that retracted after you hit the metal crate.

Hit The Road

This one is tricky. It’s found right after you acquire the Phase Mask and ride the lift. At the top, there’s a small alcove you can jump to with a well-timed sliding double jump. Then, you need to slide through the small opening, just past the nitro crate, and double jump again to bounce off the arrow box above. This will bounce you up to the ledge where the gem is found.

Truck Stopped

Stop when you reach the giant claw holding a car, moving back and forth in front of you. Instead of grappling over the gap, look to the right for a platform you can jump to. Do so, then jump up to a narrow yellow platform to find the Hidden Gem.

Booty Calls

Proceed through the level until you enter a large cave with a pirate ship sticking out of the right side of the cave wall–you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a giant golden door in the back of the cave. Drop down the series of platforms, make a right, and jump onto the moving platform in the water. Ride it back to another platform, hop off, and spin to open the treasure chest and get the gem inside.

Thar He Blows!

After clearing the platform covered in nitro crates, you’ll have down to a corner-shaped dock. Jump to the little mast sticking out of the water to the south to grab the gem in its crow’s nest. Nice and easy.

Hook, Line, And Sinker

You can’t miss this one! After you do your first wall jump, jump up to the next ledge up to grab the (not so) Hidden Gem.

Jetboard Jetty

You’ll find this gem just before the second jetboard ride when you’re using the moving planks to cross the water. At the last jump, you’ll see a group of six metal crates. Leap on top of these to find the gem.

Give It A Spin

Just after the first checkpoint, you’ll have to use the Dark Matter Spin to jump up a waterfall. Instead, jump to the right to find a big stack of crates. Take care not to destroy them all–you’ll need to break just enough to create a path to the Hidden Gem on top of the stack.

Potion Commotion

This one’s easy: right after your first wall jump, drop off the ledge to the wooden platform. Hop the gap and round the corner to find the gem.

Draggin’ On

Immediately past the bonus area platform, you’ll don the Dark Matter mask and use its special spin to cross a large gap. You’ll land on a little alcove where one of those green-faced lion-dogs is hanging out. Step into its little window and head left, behind the wall. Use the Dark Matter Spin, and you’ll bust through some crates you can’t actually see to collect this Hidden Gem.


This one takes some doing, but you can find it while wearing the Dark Matter Mask the first time. After moving through a temple and jumping across three crumbling pillars, you’ll hit a checkpoint just before a big jump over a bunch of nitro crates. The next jump you’ll make is toward a fan, but look just past it to see a trail of wumpa fruit in the lower right. Drop down on the other side of the fan and follow the extended obstacle course to find the gem.

Off Beat

Proceed through the level until you get the Phase Mask. As you cross the rooftops, you’ll see the Hidden Gem off to the left. Time your phases to avoid (or defeat) the two enemies on unicycles, then jump over and grab that gem.

Home Cookin’

When you enter Dingodile’s burning diner, make a U-turn around the counter to find yourself back outside. Follow this pier to the end, then take a long hover jump to the right to reach another platform where the gem awaits.

Run It Bayou

This one is really tough to spot. Proceed through the level until you’re just about to board the second jetboard. Instead of doing that, check behind the barrel to the right of the checkpoint. It’s hard to see even if you know it’s there, but there’s a metal crate with an exclamation point tucked behind here. Spin into it, then backtrack a few steps to where the two flaming crates were sitting on the dock. Once again, it’s hard to see even when you know it’s there, but that crate actually spawned three more metal crates above the swamp just off-camera to the right from the edge of the dock. Take a leap of faith to reach them, and you’ll find the Hidden Gem floating there too.

No Dillo Dallying

Considering this level runs parallel to Run It Bayou, it makes sense that this Hidden Gem is hard to spot. After the second boat ride, hit the checkpoint and look to the left. There’s a group of metal bounce crates floating above the water. Hover jump to them and bounce up to grab the gem.

Snow Way Out

Proceed through the level until just past when the ship blows up and you have to cross a waterfall using the Time Mask. After the following checkpoint, you’ll need to leap across some ice blocks flowing downstream. Cross the river and jump to the stationary ice block, then jump to the little pier to the right. Bounce up the stack of boxes here to grab the Hidden Gem above.

Stay Frosty

You can spot this on a ledge above the bonus stage platform. To reach it, use the Time Mask to cross the first river. On the other side, use a sliding double jump off the highest step to reach the ledge to the left. Then make another sliding double jump to the left, to the crate that was floating high above the checkpoint. Bounce off the crate to finally reach the ledge where the gem awaits.

Bears Repeating

This one’s easy to grab if you know where to look. Proceed through the level until you reach two pairs of rotating ski lifts with two electrified flying robots moving between them. Before you jump onto the first lift, look just past the edge of the platform to spot another ledge just below. Drop down to collect the gem.

Building Bridges

This Hidden Gem is easy to get, too. After wall jumping up the first pair of electrified walls, move toward the camera while on the top platform. You’ll see the gem on a lower ledge.

Blast To The Past

The Hidden Gem in this level isn’t hard to find, but it is hard to grab because of some tricky timing. When you reach the second grinding vine, you’ll jump over a series of three rocks just before the path becomes two parallel vines. Jump left, then immediately jump back to the right after you break the box–that’s your cue. The gem is behind the rock blocking the vine on the right, so you have to snap back quickly to nab it.

N. Verted Hidden GemsNo Caption Provided

Every level in Crash 4 also has a mirrored, or N. Verted, form. You’ll unlock this option after defeating N. Brio. While the levels themselves are mirrored, the Hidden Gem locations are actually totally different.

Come back later for all the N. Verted gem locations!

Color GemsNo Caption Provided

Unlike the other gems in Crash 4, there are only four Color Gems in the whole game. Finding the red, green, blue, and yellow gems can be one of the trickiest tasks, but we’re here to help! Here’s how to find all four.

Red Gem

You’ll find the Red Gem early in the game: it’s in the second level, N. Sanity Peak. Proceed until you reach a series of nine platforms in a grid, phasing in and out of existence. Before entering this chamber, you might have spotted a drawing by the vault door: this drawing tells you what order you need to jump on the platforms. Start with the bottom left, work your way around counterclockwise, then jump from the center-left platform to the middle. This will make the Red Gem appear.

Green Gem

You can find this during either Hit the Road or Truck Stopped. After the first leg of the chase, you’ll hop out of the ball by a checkpoint. Don’t proceed just yet; spin into the trashcan nearby to release an RC car and a controller. Spin into the controller a few times to drive the cart into the nearby nitro crate (get it?), which will explode, revealing the Green Gem.

Blue Gem

This difficult Color Gem is found in Draggin’ On. If you’ve already finished the level, you might recall seeing a certain column right at the end–a column with a drawing of a gem and a crossed-out crate. That’s right; you need to get through this entire level without breaking a single crate. That means no checkpoints, no Aku Aku protecting you from damage, and no accidentally spinning into crates with the Dark Matter Mask. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it: this is very, very hard to do, but it can be done. The Blue Gem will be waiting at the end of the level once you manage to pull it off.

Yellow Gem

The last Color Gem is found right at the start of Run It Bayou. Instead of getting on the jetboard, take a long jump to the platform to the northeast. From there, jump across the boxes to the next platform–be sure not to break them all, as you’ll need to use them to get back to safety after collecting the gem. Then take another long jump to the moving platform, from which you can reach the next platform with a stack of boxes. Bounce off of them to grab the Yellow Gem.