Connor Goldson Leads His Rangers to a 2-0 Win, Beat Celtic in Old Firm Derby


Connor Goldson Leads His Rangers to a 2-0 Win, Beat Celtic in Old Firm Derby

Glasgow Rangers were better than Celtic in today’s Old Firm derby. Steven Gerrard’s side won 2-0, inflicting the rivals a defeat at their own turf.

The guests in this one used the fact that Celtic had troubles with absent players, mostly due to the COVID-19 infections. Four of the regular first-team members couldn’t play, but even so, the Hoops were the favorites, according to the majority of experts.

However, the start of the game didn’t go their way. The Rangers got the lead just nine minutes since the first whistle. Connor Goldson’s reaction brought the edge to the guests, with the Gers’ player slightly changing the path of James Tavernier’s free-kick.

That boosted the morale of Gerrard’s team, who was confident in all the aspects of the game. The most important was that they rebuffed the hosts’ first rush following the conceded goal. Following that, they slowly imposed their own tempo, controlling the situation on the field.

Goldson delivered the second score too, and that happened in the 54th minute. Once again, he had a quick reaction in front of the goal, hitting the back of the net after several tries, which were previously blocked. Celtic’s players were confused and stunned, without a suitable reaction, even though coach Neil Lennon tried to bring in some energy with substitutes and change of tactics.

Rangers wouldn’t lose their focus and calm, but instead gained more confidence, while hosts began to show signs of frustration searching for a way to get into a dispute with the rivals.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened, and the game ended without incidents. Both sides had one chance to score, but nothing happened.

Right now, the Gers are topping the table with 29 points in 11 games and without a single loss. On the other side, Celtic has 25 points, with this being the first loss for the reigning champs in this campaign.

The Hoops are trying to become the first team in Scottish history to win 10 straight titles, and the Rangers are on a mission to stop that.

Since their relegation to the lowest tier of national football, Celtic began dominating the league without any competition. However, things changed in the last two years, with the Gers challenging the rivals pretty fiercely.

Today’s win indicates that they might be ready to take down Celtic’s reign and mark the start of the new era in the Scottish Premier League.