Cole DeBoer Says Chelsea Houska Should Get ‘Full Credit’ For Him Completing The ’75 Hard Challenge’ – Here’s Why!

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Cole DeBoer Says Chelsea Houska Should Get ‘Full Credit’ For Him Completing The ’75 Hard Challenge’ – Here’s Why!

When he began to work out and eat healthy, Cole DeBoer apparently asked for a lot of advice from his wife, Chelsea Houska! The Teen Mom star was a huge help with keeping him right on track as well and the results are definitely showing, the man having shared a before and after pic that proves his incredible transformation!

With that being said, Cole admitted that Chelsea pretty much deserves all the credit for how much healthier and more defined his body looks like today!

It was not an easy task at all but with her help, he managed to complete the so-called ’75 Hard Challenge’ on August 28!

As far as numbers on a scale are concerned, although the pictures speak for themselves, Cole has lost no less than 15 pounds!

Now, he wants to make sure that he gives credit where credit is due and that he does not get all the praise and compliments himself.

After all, according to Cole, his wife and her own healthy habits had a lot to do with the final result!

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FEELING DANGEROUS! Today is the 75th day of my #75hard #75hardchallenge ! I did it! I honestly feel brand new! Not only have I physically became more fit but my mind and my attitude toward my everyday life has been changed forever. I feel like my refresh button has been hit, both inside and out. When I first heard of this challenge I was all in and started 2 days after reading about it. I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t know it would be as tough and demanding as it actually was! Which made it even more worth it! We don’t achieve great things in life without busting our ass and doing the work. I feel so happy and proud, this has been an amazing ride and something I truly needed. Thank you @andyfrisella for creating such a life changing program. The biggest thanks throughout this journey needs to go to my beautiful wife @chelseahouska and family ! This has been a long road through this challenge and I could not have done it without you! You motivated me, you reminded me on days to check off my list, guided me on my eating, and made sure on the crazy busy days that I was able to complete things I needed too. I continue to be forever grateful for you everyday and I love you! Thank you also to all of you who followed along with my challenge, and if I have been able to shine a light on anyone at all and motivate you to become better for yourself then I am beyond grateful! Those of you who are still grinding it out, keep kicking ass!! You got this and I am still here. This is only the beginning of a new journey, there is no stopping me and nothing will stand in my way, like I said before, I’m….. FEELING DANGEROUS ! #fitness #grateful #blessed #motivation #lifestyle #hardwork #getoutdoors #success #transformation

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During his journey, the man would ask for Chelsea’s advice a lot and so, he shared during an interview for HollywoodLife that ‘I want to give her full credit for my diet, first off, because she already ate healthy and I was always like, ‘Give me all the kids’ food, I’ll eat the leftovers.’ She already had that under control I’d follow her and ask her for advice on like, you know, ‘Should I eat this? What should I eat? What’s healthy?’’

‘Then, also, with all the stuff we had to do every day, she would either make time for me, watch the kids for a minute, let me finish my workout in the evening or take the kids somewhere so I can do this and that,’ he went on to say in part.