CoD: Warzone Heroes Vs. Villains Event — All Rewards And Details

Call of Duty Season 5: Last Stand is now live in Warzone, and there’s a limited-time Heroes Vs. Villains community event to help celebrate this final season of content for Warzone Pacific. Here we break down all the details and the rewards you can earn for participating.

Heroes Vs. Villains start time and details

Warzone’s Heroes Vs. Villains community event is live for a limited time, as the seasonal event will run until September 14.

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Heroes Vs. Villains is a community effort, where you must pick either the hero or villain side and lead the chosen faction to victory. You will collect Villain or Hero tokens by eliminating opponents, scavenging supply boxes, and buying Faction Bundles at the Buy Stations. These tokens are available to collect in all game modes. Once the event concludes, the winning team’s unique weapon blueprint will be given to everyone.

Heroes Vs. Villains event rewards

In addition to the winning team’s unique weapon blueprint, five other cosmetic rewards can be earned while participating in the event. The rewards are given based on how many token points you collect, and some of them will depend on which faction you chose.

    1,500 points: Earns either the Hero or Villain Insignia emblem15,000 points: Earns the Chop Chop gesture37,500 points: Earns either the Hero’s Mark or Villains Mark weapon charm75,000 points: Conflict Spike weapon blueprint for the Ice Axe melee weapon150,000 points: Earns either the Heroes Hand or Villains Vengeance MP40 blueprint

Currently, Warzone’s event tab only shows these five rewards, but Activision’s blog post said players would also be able to earn items like an animated calling card and a watch accessory. While these are not shown in-game, it’s possible more rewards will be added at a later time in the event.

Along with this community event, the Season 5 patch notes reveal a ton of changes for Warzone, including lighting changes on Caldera, a volcanic activity at Caldera’s Peak, weapon balancing, and more. Here we highlight the big changes that arrived in Warzone with Season 5: Last Stand.

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