Cloud9 Looking To Rebuild CS:GO Division As Roster Fails “Reach Consistent Level”


Cloud9 Looking To Rebuild CS:GO Division As Roster Fails “Reach Consistent Level”

Earlier this year, the Cloud9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team headlined with its drastic change for the upcoming qualifiers and leagues. C9 CEO Jack Etienne signed the full roster of ATK in an attempt to bring new life to the North American scene. On September 6, the organization admitted that it is now looking to restructure the division.

It has been lukewarm for the new roster after participating in numerous qualifiers. Devotees of the fan-favorite C9 were still hopeful that the lineup would show up S-tier potential and growth but to no avail. The former ATK roster will still be representing the blue and white team as the C9 helps them find a new organization.

“We’re entering a new stage in our CS:GO development, and we’re really excited to show our fans and community what we’ve been working on,” Etienne announced to its fanbase. He also adds that he and the whole Cloud9 organization are grateful for the current roster as they showed their hard work and determination. The CEO also stated that they are “dedicated to finding them a new home.”

It is bitter-sweet for the first-person shooter’s current lineup. On the one hand, the experience that the eSports giant provided them is unlike any other, but, at the same time, the team will be bidding farewell. They participated under the C9 flag in tournaments like Dreamhack Masters Spring 2020 North America, ESL One: Road to Rio North America, and the Flashpoint Season One.

In the dedicated YouTube video, all five members appear at peace as the pending termination is inevitable. Coach T.c. confirms that the roster will continue representing the team in the ongoing ESP Pro League. In-game leader JT also speaks out that they have ups-and-downs throughout their journey and admits the support from fans has been his favorite.

Main AWPer oSee states in the video that they have not “reached the consistent level” that they expected to be at. He also adds that he is still happy with the growth the team has shown in and outside of the game. Floppy gratefully accepts the management’s decision. He expresses, “Not a lot of people get to represent an org like Cloud9.” The entry fragger motm also clarifies that they believe the team can play better than how they faired in C9.

Since the historic 2018 Boston Major of the NA team, the roster has failed to find its footing again. This rebuilding process will the fourth time C9 overhauls in CS:GO in the last two years.