Check Out The Full Game Devs Of Color Expo Schedule For This Weekend


Check Out The Full Game Devs Of Color Expo Schedule For This Weekend

Game Devs of Color Expo has announced the full schedule for its 2020 Game Devs of Color Expo Online. The conference will be taking place on Saturday, September 19 from 10 AM-7 PM EDT and Sunday, September 20 from 12 PM-6 PM EDT, and will include interviews, developer talks, panels, and a lineup of both tabletop and video games.

Before the show kicks off, there will be a special pre-show on Friday, September 18 at 1 PM EDT on the GDoC YouTube channel. The pre-show will feature announcements and trailers for new games. Alongside the pre-show and show itself, an event called Gradient Convergence will be happening on the front page of Steam. During Gradient Convergence, there will be exclusive interviews with developers participating in GDoC, some playable demos, and discounted titles that will be available to the public.

This event will wrap up with $90,000 in development grants being awarded at the GDoC awards ceremony, with prizes and partnerships coming from companies like No More Robots and Humble Bundle in partnership with GDoC. Devs who win these grants will be given game development mentorship, and in the case of the Humble Bundle grant, a publishing and distribution deal.

Tickets for GDoC are available now to purchase on a sliding scale from $5-10.