Charlize Theron Gushes Over ‘Handsome Human’ Keanu Reeves In Sweet Birthday Message!

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Charlize Theron Gushes Over ‘Handsome Human’ Keanu Reeves In Sweet Birthday Message!

As you might know, Keanu Reeves is now 56 years old and on his big day, real-life friend and former co-star Charlize Theron celebrated him in a very special way! The actress took to her go-to social media to pay tribute to the actor and her post definitely grabbed a lot of people’s attention!

After all, she did not shy away from telling her longtime pal that he is very handsome!

She posted a throwback pic and alongside it, she wrote: ‘I love this handsome human so much! Happy birthday, Keanu. You’re just the best [heart emojis.]’ Aww… so sweet!

The two actors have actually starred in not one but two different movies together and have also been friends for a very long time.

The films they worked together on are called The Devil’s Advocate (1997) and Sweet November (2001) and you might want to check them out if you haven’t as they are both pretty great!

Seeing that Charlize showered her former co-star with so much love on his birthday, fans started to express their wishes that the two will collab on a new project once more!

‘We need a reunion in the John Wick or Atomic Blonde universe!’ one user wrote in the comment section.

At the same time, there were also some users who made it clear that they were shipping them!

‘I’d always hoped you two would get married in real life,’ one fan wrote while another commented that ‘You seriously just melted everyone with this.’

Many similar comments and red heart emojis soon filled the comment section under the post which suggests that people really loved their interaction.

As for the shipping part, unfortunately for those who want to see Keanu and Charlize together, it doesn’t seem like they will get their wish because the actor is already in a stable and happy relationship.