Cassie Randolph Files Police Report Involving Colton Underwood For Stalking Allegations

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Cassie Randolph Files Police Report Involving Colton Underwood For Stalking Allegations

Cassie Randolph and her ex-boyfriend, Colton Underwood, are continuing to fight in a court of law, however, a new report from Page Six says that Cassie recently turned to the police for help. As it was previously reported, Cassie filed a restraining order against him this past month.

The 25-year-old reality star says the 28-year-old man had been harassing and stalking her with weird text messages. Moreover, she says that he placed a tracking device in her vehicle. TMZ reported this week that Randolph filed a police report with the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

In a statement released to Page Six on Tuesday, Cassie and her attornies wrote that they initially tried to work through the process privately and in such a way where it would minimize the amount of damage done to them publicly.

Bryan Freedman, her lawyer, says they’re certain it can still happen this way. Reportedly, Randolph and Underwood first met during the 23rd season of The Bachelor in 2019. They split up earlier this year in May, however.

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It came as a bit of a surprise to their fans considering Colton had been staying in her family’s home after he became under the weather with the coronavirus. Colton took to his social media at the time to say he had been feeling ill.

After getting the coronavirus test and the results came back positive, Underwood took to his account to describe the symptoms, including how the virus made him incredibly lethargic and unable to function.

Colton noted how physically fit he is, and expressed his surprise over how much the coronavirus was able to affect him. Just a few months later, it was revealed that Colton and Cassie had split up, and not long after, she filed a restraining order against him for the allegations mentioned already above.

Thus far, Colton hasn’t responded publicly to her allegations of stalking and harassing. Earlier this year, she also claimed Underwood was trying to “monetize” their breakup through press interviews and a memoir that Colton said he was writing at that time.