Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Takes One Shot, Gets Four Kills


Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Takes One Shot, Gets Four Kills

A Call of Duty: Warzone player hit the luckiest shot of their life recently. Redditor MegasHvalur was able to take out an entire enemy squad with one shot from their sniper rifle.

I just wiped this 4 man squad with 1 bullet from r/CODWarzone

“I was playing with the boys and we were totally shocked when we all died to some “unknown” explosion. After couple minutes we realized it was the munition box I threw on the ground [and you] shot,” said Redditor AtriGoXD, who was one of the players on the unlucky end of the snipe. “I even clipped with Nvidia shadow play to see what was going on. Not going to lie, I think you got kinda lucky man xD.”

AtriGoXD added that one of their teammates reported MegasHvalur for cheating out of frustration. The shot was one in a million as you can’t see anything through the sniper scope in the video due to foliage and tree cover. It seems that MegasHvalur shot a munition box, an item that helps players restock ammo but explodes if shot, through all the leaves. It’s another Hollywood action movie moment in Verdansk.

If you’ve been on the unlucky end of a snipe like this, maybe it’s time you tried one of Warzone’s other modes. A new limited-time game mode called Recon: Armored Royale Mode came to the battle royale recently. It gives every squad a heavily armored truck, complete with a mounted turret and built-in buy station, that they can use to respawn. Check out our breakdown on how the truck-based mode works.

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta starts later this week on PS4, but other platforms will get in on the action soon after. Check out our guide on how to jump in.