Call Of Duty: Warzone Exploit Allows You To Create Unlimited Juggernaut Suits


Call Of Duty: Warzone Exploit Allows You To Create Unlimited Juggernaut Suits

Activate a Juggernaut suit in Call of Duty: Warzone and you’ll transform into an almost unstoppable titan armed with a minigun that can shred through players. Originally available within Warzone in limited-time events, Juggernaut suits were added to regular modes within the game at the start of Season 6. Players have now uncovered a way to spawn an unlimited number of Juggernaut suits by precisely exploiting a killstreak.

YouTuber Cable711 detailed the duplication method, which involves unlocking one of the suits through a special Easter egg in Warzone’s subway system. With a Juggernaut suit and a killstreak in your inventory, you can create Juggernaut canisters on the ground by activating the suit power-up and a killstreak at the same time.

It requires deft timing, but if done correctly you’ll be able to spawn several suit canisters.

Throw one of the canisters, and a Juggernaut suit will be parachuted to your location for use inside of the game. Cable711 managed to create around 14 of these canisters within a matter of minutes and also noted that the exploit can be triggered anywhere else in the Warzone map provided that you have the items and timing necessary to pull it off. Players have already begun streamlining the process for obtaining duplicate Juggernaut killstreaks, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the armored behemoths roaming around the Warzone map. Activision has yet to reveal if a fix for the exploit is in development.

In other Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone news, the Season 1 content drop that was scheduled for a December 10 release date has been delayed to December 16. Warzone will continue to exist alongside Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and will receive several Cold War elements, such as 30 weapons, different Blueprint versions, a brand-new map, and a new mode.

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