Call Of Duty: Warzone Adds New Map, Weapons, And Gulag System This Week


Call Of Duty: Warzone Adds New Map, Weapons, And Gulag System This Week

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 will launch later this week. Players will get new maps, a new Zombies mode, new weapons, and much more when the season kicks off on December 16.

Treyarch held a 30-minute broadcast detailing some of the new content earlier today. The studio took a look at Rebirth Island, Warzone’s newest, smaller map. The island, which is a much denser, more compact map than Verdansk, is a remake from the original Black Ops game that explores where all of the gas comes from lore-wise. The map also features a new gulag system, where players have to break out from being strapped to a chair before fighting.

Warzone will also be getting new operators, weapons, and additional content with a new battle pass. All Black Ops Cold War weapons, including blueprints, variants, and attachments, will be accessible in Warzone right away.

Treyarch also detailed new content coming to Black Ops Cold War, including several new maps, a special Zombie holidays mode, and new content with the battle pass. New maps include an underground train station, an ICBM launch facility, a Soviet financial building, a game show set, and more. We’ll also see a holiday version of Nuketown complete with lights, trees and gift boxes. These will all be coming on December 16, too

A new Zombies mode called Jingle Hells will have players fighting zombies with snowballs. The mode has fun little quirks like zombies hidden within snowmen and an undead Santa Claus flying overhead.

Despite all the new content, some players are worried about how well the update will work later this week. Black Ops Cold War will add over 30 weapons to the battle royale–which could lead to some wonky balance issues. We’ll find out more once the update hits on Thursday.

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