Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War’s Beta Takes Place In October


Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War’s Beta Takes Place In October

Black Ops has been a very important part of the Call of Duty series. Every time one of these installments comes out, it generates a ton of buzz amongst first-person shooter fans.

The sixth installment in this storied shooter series is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It’s being developed by Treyarch and Raven Software and is currently expected to release this November.

Before then, though, there will be a beta available in October. Those that own a PlayStation 4 will get to check it out first as is pretty standard with the Call of Duty franchise.

Then after a week, the beta will be available for PC and Xbox One users that pre-ordered the game. Finally, from October 17-19, everyone will have access to the beta.

So if you’ve been eager to see how this series has improved and find out what new things will be available, October should be a great month. Cold War is already generating a ton of hype now that it’s in the alpha stage of testing.

Select players have had problems with the sniper rifle, but the developer has quickly responded saying that a buff is on the way. It should actually be available throughout the beta, giving players a better look at how the online multiplayer portion will play.

As far as the story in the main campaign, it’s set during the Cold War in case you didn’t already guess. CIA officer Russel Adler is put front and center and is involved in a pursuit of a possible Soviet spy named Perseus.

It seems like a story filled with intrigue where a better look at the Cold War will be shown in dramatic fashion. Even though the online multiplayer portion is gaining a lot of attention right now, the story should provide plenty of excitement on its own.

Going back to multiplayer, there will be new modes, gear, customization options, and mechanics. One of the new features is a mode called Fireteam. It supports up to 40 players, which sounds like a chaotic and fun combat experience on paper. You can bet it will be a fan-favorite when this game goes live in November.

Only a couple of more months before players can see how the Black Ops franchise has changed since the last installment. In the meantime, checking out the beta is your best bet at experiencing the action-packed multiplayer. The developer hasn’t disclosed what modes will be available, but we’ll all soon find out.