Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes (December 10): Nuketown ’84 Is Back


Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes (December 10): Nuketown ’84 Is Back

For the second day in a row, Treyarch has updated Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The December 10 patch, which is out now, is headlined by the return of the Nuketown 24/7 playlist and improvements and progression updates for the Zombies mode.

Nuketown 24/7 is, at its name suggests, a playlist featuring one map and one map only: Nuketown ’84. It replaces Motherland Moshpit in the featured playlists hopper.

Elsewhere, the December 10 patch fixes a recoil issue with the M60 LMG, while it also improves alignment of the multizoon scope for rifles.

The December 10 update also makes some changes to Scorestreaks, one of which is that the RC-XD is now capable of destroying sentry turrets with one explosion instead of two. The Napalm Strike has been nerfed, with damage and damage radius figures reduced.

You can see the full patch notes below, as posted by Treyarch on its website.

December is a big month for Call of Duty, as the much-anticipated Season 1 update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is scheduled for launch on December 16, following a delay.

Black Ops Cold War December 10 Patch Notes



    Nuketown 24/7

      Replaced Motherland Moshpit with Nuketown 24/7 in Featured Playlists.



      Addressed a minor recoil issue with the M60 LMG.Improved alignment of Multizoom scope for better accuracy.



      Now destroys Sentry Turrets with a single explosion (previously two).

    Cruise Missile

      Addressed an issue with Cruise Missile voiceover not playing properly.

    Napalm Strike

      Reduced radius by 16%.Reduced inner damage by 10%.Reduced outer damage by 12.5%.


      Reduced outer damage by 20%.Corrected an issue with explosion damage.

    Attack Helicopter

      Increased cost from 4500 to 5000.

    VTOL Escort

      Reduced cost from 8000 to 7000.

    Chopper Gunner

      Increased cost from 6500 to 8000.


      Closed an exploit that could allow players to reset the Combat Bow and War Machine ammo.



    Addressed an issue that prevented the Hunter Mastery Calling Card from unlocking.

Die Maschine


      Added general stability fixes.


      Addressed an issue where an Ammo Mod attachment would appear on screen after using the Arsenal with a Wonder Weapon in the player’s possession.Icons for Wunderfizz Perks are now grayed out if the player can’t afford them.

Dead Ops Arcade

    Added stability fix for the Room of Judgment event.


Combat Record

    Updated Combat Record to represent currently available items.


    Addressed an issue where Battle Pass UI could display before Season One begins.